I have already tried 2 different drives, I am going to try it with another drive when I find it.
Someone gave me these games and all of them are badly scratched, but some are not yet in the DB so I hope I can find a way to dump them correctly.

I have some PSX games which I am trying to dump, but I can't get them to match the DB. I have dumped them with different drives and I am getting different results each time. The size always matches, but the checksum is different each time.
IsoBuster never reported any read errors, but all the discs have lots and lots of small scratches. I have never dumped PSX games before, so is it possible I am doing something wrong? Do I have bad drives? Or are the discs just too scratched?

My drive is on the unsupported list, so I tried httpd-ack. To test it I dumped ChuChu Rocket and Sonic Adventure, but only track 1 and track 3 match. Is there a way to produce good dumps with httpd-ack?