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Hi. I have downloaded the last version of MPF (which has DIC included), installed the last version of Frameworks and C++ distribution, however the program won´t start. I am using Windows 10.


What else can I do?

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Faulty RAM also possible.

It would be a pitty, considering that the computer was bought at the end of 2016. I almost never had a blue screen either. Just 2 times as I recall, and they were related to video pluglins. I also have to say that, the first time I realized about this, I dumped the same game again, and I obtained the same different crc (I mean, not the crc in the database but the first different CRC i had)

IE: I dumped BLOODRAYNE EUR PS2 version, and instead of getting the result I got  back in January, wich matches with javierdelarosa´s dump

http://forum.redump.org/topic/16963/ver … les-51474/

I got a different one. I dumped that game again and obtained the same different crc. I restarted the computer, dumped the same game again and this time I obtained the CRC of the database.

The thing is that i was making backups of some of my ps2 originals with isobuster, (original games that I have already added to redump) to play them in my ps2.  While checking their CRC, i realized that all of them had a different CRC.

I redumped them again in my other computer (which has XP as OS) and the CRC I obtained it was the ones I posted in this site.

I was afraid of the drive of my W10 had some kind of damage, however, I just decided to restart the computer and to try dumping them again. This time, I obtained the usual previous CRCs...

It looks like there is some kind of a conflict between my drive and the O.S

If this happens again, I will tell you.


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This winter is going to be 7 years since I started dumping games. Time passes fast.

ssjkakaroto wrote:

Unless you have another disc to verify or someone else dumps it and gets the same results as you, it won't be verified.

There are tons of discs in this situation, don't worry about it.
Here's one that I'm 99% sure won't ever be verified, but I'm sure my dump is good: http://redump.org/disc/9470/

Thanks. I did not wanted my games to be posted as verifies. I know that unless I or someone else redump another disc it won´t change. However, I just wanted to show to the public that my dumps were indeed correct.

usurper wrote:

You do not seem to understand how verification of exiting dumps works...
To verify an existing dump (blue status) it needs to be dumped from another disc to get it into verified status (green).

And please stick with supported methods and tools otherwise we cannot accept any further submission from you... Again: IMGBURN is a not support tool, regardless what you have noticed.

You don´t seem to understand that I absolutelly know how the rules work here. I know that Isobuster is the only allowed program here and that is the program I used for all my PS2 dumps. You don´t have to have to worry about that.

I also know that games have to be dumped from different discs in orther to get verified status. You have seen I have done that in the past with several games, like SCARFACE THE WORLD IS YOURS, FORBIDDEN SIREN and VAMPIRE NIGHT.

Want I meant to show you is that IMGBURN has tools that I think could be useful and should be taken into consideration. I though I could proof this redumping my games with IMGBURN this time. That´s all. Sorry for al the trouble caused.

Jackal wrote:

Don't know what is the purpose of this post, but we're only accepting verifications that include ringcodes.

To add aditional information of non yet verified  redumps.  I mean, showing this snapshots I can proof that my dumps were correctly done.

I am reffering to these dumps


This dumps have not been verified by anyone appart from me (although I followed all the required steps back in the day, I mean, using ISOBUSTER and dumping each game twice, using one DVD DRIVE in each). That is why I wanted to show additional information using these snapshots.

IMGBURN is very usefull to test if unprotected DVDS (like most of PS2 games) have been correctly dumped-

The main goal of this post it may be hard to understand, so I will do my best.

5 years have passed since I started sharing dumps in this page, and there still are some of my dumps (mostly Spanish PS2 DVD games) which have not been verified yet.

In order to make those dumps more accurate, I have decided to post some snapshots taken from IMGBURN. I always found this program as usefull as Isobuster, although it lacks in not having the RAW2352 reading mode, something that Isobuster does have. However, it can be very usefull if we want to know the accurate amount of data stored in our DVD disc and if our Iso image is exactly copied (this can be checked thanks to it Verify disc option, which allows us to verify a disc against an image file).

Let me explain my intentions with some pictures.

For example, one of my oldest dumps is the european version of CLOCK TOWER 3


In August 26, I redumped the game in order to check if the DUMP I made back in 2010 was correct (I redumped it twice back in the day), so I decided to take some snapshots of the program while it was reading the disk.

Here you have an Snapshot of the SFV I created from that dump


As you can see, the CRC matches with the one I submitted back in 2010. You can also see that the file data displays when that file was created.

In other hand, I also took another shot of the program before starting the copying.


As you can see, the program shows that the copy was made from an actuall DVDROM disc (and not from a burned DVDR), as it is written at the right of the picture. In case you still think that this picture could have been taken after loading an image file to a virtual DVD drive, just see the name of the DVD drive appearing there. If you search that name on the internet, you will realize that the drive is actually a Physical drive. This only  can mean that this snapshot was taken with an original PS2 disc inside a real physical DVD drive.

The picture also says that the disc has a size of  4.601.610.240 bytes , the same size I submitted 5 years ago.

I made the redump with IMGBURN this time (back in the day I made it with Isobuster, as you requested). This picture proves there were no problems in the proccess


The program also has the option to verify an original disc against an image file, to see if the copy 100% accurate compared to the original. I did not do with this dump, but if I do it in the future I will take some pictures to show them to you.

I will try doing the same with my non verified games in the following future.

Here is the problem:

I made a dump of my original RESIDENT EVIL 3 PAL SPANISH disc with ISOBUSTER in RAW mode

The CRC and other information I get is the same as in here


Now, the only action left is to detect which sectors of the disc have Lybcript protection, and dump them appart. Is this right?

The question I have is this: Due to I got the same CRC previously posted in this site, I can assume that the ISO file I created with ISOBUSTER is correct. Am I right? I mean, the ISO I created allready has the lybcript protected sectores included, doesn´t it?


I have just made a verification of my RESIDENT EVIL 3 spanish version disc, which only has data and did not have any audio data at all.

My dumps CRC, SHA 1 and MD5 match with the ones written in here.

But I did not checked which are the sectors that have Lybcript protection on them. Is it imperative to post them, altough I know that the rest of the data matches?



The fact is that I bought the Spanish version of this game in a second hand store and the box says that the entire game is in english, and only the games handbook was translated to Spanish.

Are you totally sure that this game is MULTI5?


Thank you.  Now I have no need to make new copies of them xD

Well, Now you are talking about renaming the file, I did it with another game, with GOD OF WAR 2, to be exactly and when I tried to use the SFV file of that game that is uploaded in this website, the program clasiffies my file (although I renamed my ISO file as it is written in the SFV) as LOCKED. What does "locked" mean?

And for resume, If the HASH of my ISOS fits with those that are on the web, that means that my dumps were correctly done, Am I right?

Good night to everyone.

First of all, I wish to thank everybody for creating a wonderfull database like this, because is something that I have been searching for ages.

My question is the next. I have some PS2 ISOS that I made some years ago from my originals, and stored them in an external Hard Disk. Some time later, I started wondering if those copies were done correctly, and I started searching a place where I could find information about games CRC, and that is how I discovered this website.

I have used HASHCHECK to check my ISOS, and here is where I have found a problem. For example, I have the ISO of GOD HAND GAME, and its CRC-32,MD5 and SHA-1 fit perfectly with those that are written in its report page (http://redump.org/disc/4152/). However, that information does not fit with the MD5 file that is stored in the same page.

So this is my question. Could you say me which information is the correct one? That which is written in the page or the other wich is stored in the MD5 file?

Thanks for your help, and please, forgive me for my grammatical mistakes. English is not my mother tongue.