I may be asking incorrectly.  In the end what i want is only games that have English language and remove the same games from different regions.  Over at No-Intro they offer Parent/Clone datfiles that allow me to remove duplicate roms from other regions by prioritizing let's say USA over Europe or Japan using 1g1r (1 game 1 rom).  The closest thing I was able to find for redump is Redump dat splitter v0.3 located here (http://romshepherd.com/index.php/topic,4990.0.html). With this I was able to create a datfile off of the original that had English language and removed all the games that didn't have English language.  This helped to reduce my set but I still have a lot of duplicates of English games from other regions.  I'm manually going through them now but was just wondering if you guys had an easier way.  Tha k you.

Sorry for the late reply back.  Things suddenly got very crazy for me at home so I haven't had a chance to check the forums lately.  I appreciate everyone's responses so far.  But anyway, what I am trying to do is to compress the iso to 7zip.  Every other set that I have compresses very well to 7zip and helps save me a lot of space.  But when I use 7zip on my Wii isos it barely saves me anything.  Like all the 7zip files are still over 4 gig.  I like 7zip because not only does it usually save me a lot of space but clrmamepro can still read the files and compare them to the redump sets.  Plus all my emulators can still use 7zip to play my games.  I'll go ahead and read through the topics that you all linked to above and see if any of that information helps me.  But worst case I guess I will just keep my games as full isos.

I know that you don't provide any datfiles for Wii games yet but I wanted to try and get the Wii games I do have somewhat organized to your standards so that there will be less work for me later when one does come out.

Right now I just want to try and compress my Wii ISOs to help save me some room on my computer.  Converting them to wbfs helps shrink them down a lot but I would assume that would go against your standards as it is removing data and the crcs wouldn't match up anyways.  Unless there is a way to add this data back to games later anf still match up with your datfile. 

So I tried compressing them with 7Zip since that is what all the rest of my sets use and it saves quite a bit of space.  However, when I use 7Zip on my Wii ISOs there seems to be very little if any space savings.  My 7Zip files come out almost the same size as the original ISOs.  So I don't know if I am doing something wrong with my settings in 7Zip or if 7Zip just isn't the best compression program for Wii games.  Any advice?  Thanks.

This is my first time posting a dump.  I'm using the PS2 guide (http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ping_guide) as a reference but it seems like other people are posting more information than the guide tells me to.  So please let me know if you need more info.  I'll be more than happy to give it.

[ADDED] http://redump.org/disc/35599/

Title: beatmania II DX 6th style -new songs collection-
System: Playstation 2
Disc ID SLPM 65156 (There is another ID located above the Disc ID, VW094-J1.  Not sure if it's important but I thought I would mention it)
EXE Date: 5/31/2002 20:58:18
Game Languages: My PS2 drive is broken so I can't actually boot up the game with the disc.  Would booting it up with OPL or an emulator to check the languages be helpful?
Disc Version: 1.01
Image Size: 4,520,869,888 bytes
Barcode: 4 988602 091045
Ring Codes: SLPM-65156   1
MD5: 9e8087404db24ff493a56d5950b2a758
SHA1: 0010d44b65c5eeb9360c9eace11f1ba840c01c58
CRC32: 17be05ae

I'm also including scans of everything so that you may double check my submission.  Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if there is anything more I can do to help.  Thanks.




Thanks.  I'll start working on that now.  What about cover, disc and manual scans?  If they are not useful here, would you be able to point me to a project that would like them?

Ah ok.  But redump is tracking all regions including japanese, correct?   So I should still dump my one game, right?

I was looking at the list for PS2 games and noticed that there are only 3 Beatmania games listed.  According to this page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_B … ideo_games) there are 15 Beatmania games for PS2.  Yet when I looked through the different undumped lists here (http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ystation_2) I didn't see any mention of Beatmania.  I know I have at least one of those games for PS2 that isn't in the database yet.  Just wondering what is going on with this series as far as dumping goes.  Thank you.

Hi topkat.  I'm in the same boat as you.  All my PSX games were from around 2010 and were all in pakkiso.  I found a guide which said how to convert them from pakkiso to t7z using clrmamepro.  I followed that guide but then noticed that all of my games were now missing track 1.bin in their .7z files.  I tried looking for that InJector program on the other forum post you linked to but the link doesn't work anymore.  Can you give me any help as to where to find it and the best way to use it so it can fi all my track.bin files automatically so I don't have to do each one manually.  Thanks.


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RiMMER wrote:

As far as I know, the PC blu-ray drives either work, or not. So just put the game disc inside the drive, boot up the latest IsoBuster and check out whether the disc is present, or not. If it is, try dumping it easily as any other DVD, for example.

So I finally got a free moment to see if the Blu-Ray drive in my computer but unfortunately it didn't see the disc in IsoBuster.  In case anyone is interested, I have an Optiarc BD ROM BC-5500S4 drive. 

Since this thead has gotten off topic from the original question of do you or do you not take PS3 submissions, I was wondering if there is a thread on what drives work and what ones don't work.  Also, is there an active thread discussing whether or not to accept decrypted dumps from Gaia Manager.  Because if it is ever decided that they will be accepted, then I would like to know right away so I can start contributing.


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A little over my head but thanks for trying to explain it.


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Jackal wrote:

AFAIK, Gaia manager and all other tools so far can only create file-based (jailbreak format) backups and no sector-based ISO.

Yeah, Gaia manager doesn't create ISOs.  From what I understand it decrypts the files and copies them to the PS3 hard drive.  Then I use an FTP program on both my PS3 and my laptop to copy the files over to my computer.  I was hoping that there would be a way for me to convert the folder into an ISO and then get the data from it through HashCalc but as we said before it would still be a decrypted ISO.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a similar issue over at No-Intro regarding NES roms?  Like should the roms they make the database from be headered or non-headered.  Non-headered would be 1:1 but be useless in emulators where as headered would not be 1:1 but would work in emulators.  Is that kind of like the dilemma we are in now?


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Thank you.  The PS3 link for discs must have been down when I was looking for it earlier because there was nothing there which is why I want sure if you were accepting them.  But now I see the games listed.  But anyway, I was talking about dumping my PS3 games using Gaia Manager since I just recently put CFW on my PS3.  But after reading that thread you linked to it seems like you aren't accepting games that are dumped that way because it removes the encryption making it no longer 1:1.  So I guess I can't help out after all.  I will try and do some research and see if I can possibly dump a PS3 game using the Blu-ray drive in my laptop and get the same results as someone else who has already submitted the same game.

I was wondering if you guys are making a database of PS3 games?  I tried searching the forums and google but all I find are posts in the history section of the forum with people who have posted their info.  And if you are, is there a guide somewhere that will tell me exactly how to dump games to comply with your standards so everyone gets the same info in their dump?


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What about tinychat?  They use it on emumovies.com and I like it.  You can even do video and voice chat over it.  I think you can even show off you desktop too.  So it might help when helping newbies because you can view their desktop while they are dumping and tell them what they are doing wrong.

So I did my first dump yesterday using a combination of the guide, velocity37's video, and help from everyone in the IRC chatroom.  Everything went well and I wanted to thank everyone for their help.  I'll be dumping more games when I get the time.  I've only dumped single track games for now so if anyone needs help or more info on single track games please feel free to contact me and I will help where I can.

The link worked for me.  Took me right to speedyshare.  Maybe you have some kind of adware on your computer which is redirecting you.

Thanks.  I'm going to try my first dump tomrrow.  Hopefully the video will make me understand it better.

I have yet to dump anything but I would like to start being as I have a lot of PSX and PS2 discs that haven't been dumped yet and I would like to support this project.  I would just like to see what everything is supposed to look like when dumping so I can at least compare what I am doing to ensure I am doing it correctly.  And then once everything is done, see what information you are looking at and posting in the forums.  I've read the user guides and I'm sure I can figure it out once I try it on my own, but a video would sure help me feel more confident that I am doing something right.  Thanks.