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I'm going to revive this from the dead. Obviously we have a method for dumping 360 games now but what is it? My understanding is we don't get any of the security info in our dumping methods so if you tried to boot a game it plays it as a DVD. Can any one explain this?

You can add PX-708UF to that list.

Actually i was thinking it would be a good Idea to put together an archive of par2 files. Since they could be helpful to a lot of people. I guess I will add it to my to do list which seems to have more items put on than taken off tongue

Keep up the good work.


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Nice feel free to PM me on IRC if you need any help setting things up.

This is something that I'm wondering about too. If it makes you feel any better I was able to match your Chronicles of the Sword. and it all matched perfectly. Hopefully we can get someone in here who knows and can help with what's going on.


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That Sucks I did than on mine to and had to be really careful bending it back.  Luckily the bin didn't break or anything like that


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I was wondering what happened to you and was worried it had something to do with installing the plextor. Make sure all the jumper settings are right on your hard drive and cdrom drive. WD hard drives are especially picky about jumper settings. I was dealing with one this week. Post back and I may be able to help you get it back together.

Allright just did the resize and all three dumps from all three drives match for me.

MD5: 670B574C81387241D5F08BE4171509EB
SHA-1: BD402E8456879E715F9E1CB99D3FF7EC865795ED

Part of my issues was that Perfectrip seemed to give me different results everytime. Not sure why I didn't see it before. Thanks to Velocity for helping my brain work right again!

All right so I've been trying to dump this game for a while now too. So far when I've dumped track 02 it's matched the track 02 of Mega man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2 which are in the same series so I think Track 02 is good.

Now as far as track 01 goes here are my results

LG Electronics - BD-RE GGW-H20L +667
Track 01
MD5: 85F56CD9F32B3058C15E359306409203
SHA-1: 65AFAF4A84D4590432F35D0B1962A619561A185E

TSSTcorp - DVD-ROM SH-D162D +6
MD5: 1D514537838622670AE2B0FD3060E01D
SHA-1: 4D15FEB68D5453864706F1C707ED9211BE8C15F9

Plextor PX-708A +30
CRC32: C3BF598C
MD5: F08B816750DA037901D5DEADFED99A84
SHA-1: 951E2DA5927F1C1BE2386E19EE23957460D7E117

Plextor PX-708A +30
CRC32: 8E4C3C0D
MD5: C493792FA2DB630F13FF992D05FEAA07
SHA-1: 15D760E3402E7959B5E142BF430FF36571BDF66B

TSSTcorp - DVD-ROM SH-D162D +6
CRC32: 114A49AC
MD5: D7E725DB7AD4F2831F76865EB6531AF5
SHA-1: 6E016D61304CD97B60F49F1020BC6B3E07FF5579

LG Electronics - BD-RE GGW-H20L +667
MD5: 0BF493A022F0282EC50E29BE14071C60
SHA-1: C0EEFC8E77039838363782EE92FA9534D6266B21

So our plextor and samsung dumps match each others dumps so far without any changes to the dump.
So I ran psxt001z --fix on the plextor and samsung dumps and then compared them with a hex editor. The samsung dump showed some extra data where the plextor had all zeros. not a lot just a couple scattered lines at the end.

So I'm not sure what this all means. I'm lead to believe it's something weird with the disc since we are getting the same results but am not sure what to do please advise.

EDIT: Velocity posted while I was writing this all out. Will check back with resize results