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Thanks for your prompt reply smile


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to  dump a two-disc PSX game called Tron ni Kobun but it seems I'm having a problem. Both discs are Single Audio Track. Now, I was able to check the gap (with CloneCD) dump the image (ISOBuster for DATA and EAC for Audio), resize/fix, add the 2sec silent data (using RetroGamer's batch file in this post).

All went very well on the second disc but psxt001z gives me 2 "Bad" Headers on the dump of the first disc. The CD is spotless but I have the same error every time I try. Any idea what this is?

E:\Redump\Tron ni Kobun\CD1>RESIZE -r -352800 "Track 01.bin"
Resizing TRACK0~1.BIN...done

E:\Redump\TRONNI~1\CD1>psxt001z.exe --fix "Track 01.bin"
psxt001z by Dremora, v0.20 beta 13 derus fix

File: Track 01.bin
Size (bytes):   321598368
From image:     358995168
Size (sectors): 136734
From image:     152634
EDC in Form 2 sectors: NO
System area: Jap NoEDC

Checking data...

Subheaders count:
00 00 08 00: 98275
00 00 09 00: 1
00 00 20 00: 4
00 00 89 00: 248
     Other: 38206

Form 1 sectors: 130642
Form 2 sectors: 6092
"Bad" headers: 2

Checking postgap...
Postgap type: Form 1

Sector 136733: Form 1 Subheader/Data/EDC/ECC (fixed))

Thanks in advance,


Hi all,

A quick word to say that all the games have arrived smile  Let the dumping begin!

And I'll see what I can do for FM-Towns, I've seen quite a few around Osaka's DenDenTown.

Hey BitLooter,

Nice to see you here too tongue I think I'm starting to get the full meaning of the project. That verification part sounds especially interesting and vital to get rid of all the "bad dumps" and patched versions one can find everywhere on the net. I received confirmation that all the games I ordered have been shipped (Yes, Rockman Dash is on its way! wink ). If all goes well, I could start dumping this weekend.

F1ReB4LL, thank you for your message. Kyuin is definitely doable. (Normal and/or Best of the Best version) Gaia Seed and Harmul Park are slightly out of my reach for now hmm  (around or well above 100euros a piece even here - US$560 for a sealed copy of Harmful Pak lol ). But I'll keep an eye on them, flea markets can be full of surprises...

Hi everyone,

I'm a Frenchman living in Japan who just discovered this amazing project through Underground-Gamers.
I would like to contribute mainly with some NTSC-J PSX games. I have seen some bounties on the UG wiki and the following games (the bolded ones) should hit my mailbox in the coming days/weeks:

Cotton Original - Fantastic Night Dreams [SLPS-02034]
Cotton Original - Fantastic Night Dreams [SuperLite 1500 Series] [SLPM-86461]
Finger Flashing [SLPS-02158]
Hot Blooded Family (Thermal Blood - Parent & Child) - Nekketsu Oyako [SLPS-00006]
Kakuge-Yaro - Fighting Game Creator [SLPS-02595]
Oracle no Houseki - Jewels of the Oracle [SLPS-00240]

Silver Jiken
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden [Limited Edition] [SLPS-03147]
Tobal 2 [SCPS-45025]
Tobal 2 [Legendary Hits] [SLPM-87406]
Tron ni Kobun [2 discs]     

Rockman Dash

Provided the serials match, are these still of interest to the project?

I have read the guide for PSX Dumping and I can't wait to try my hands at this. However, I still have some questions:For instance, how do you acquire the "Dumper" status? What's the best way to rip IBM PC games etc...  Any other information is welcome since I'm a total newbie in this field!

When my finances get better, I could go after the two Cottons, Tron ni Kobun and Silver Jiken. Likewise, if the games on this list are relevant to redump.org, I could give it a shot  smile

Thanks in advance for your feedback/answers

P.S: I hope this is the right forum to post in hmm