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no intro naming convention is horrible.


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too bad that most talented homebrew developers gave up working on ps3 because they fear sonys law suits.  but on the other hand, fuck iso loaders.


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SpaceAgeHero wrote:

The latest Version of mutliMAN can now rip any disc to an .iso file.

I was able to successfully rip my "Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)" disc and verify it as accurate against the redump database.

However it is still unclear if these isos can be mounted and used in its encrypted state.

you have access to the ps3 section?

i doubt the dumps are useful, but psp dumps also don't work in the emulator "jpcsp" until they're decrypted using real hardware. games on psp that required higher firmwares to work needed to be decrypted/patched to work on lower versions of custom firmwares.

the current ps3 dumps might be of use if there was a proper isoloader / custom firmware developed, but i don't know.

i have 2 pc games

colin mcrae dirt & the lord of the rings online - shadows of angmar (trial edition dvd)

quick question: how should i dump them?

if you want to see this thrash in the redump db & can eventually help, please reply because i'm gonna sell them very soon.

hmm  it's not unusual that the security sectors from different discs/dumpers don't match.

http://redump.org/disc/6151/ 6 different dumpers + 3 different ss hashes.


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no one asked me for my opinion, but i also think that any non-gaming media doesn't belong to the redump-DB. maybe someone should launch a sub-project for this kind.

no-intro still exists altough you can find full no-intro nintendo ds sets with thousands of games shared on some tnerrot-sites.
there are also nfo-sites like ludibria which lists various zeraw. you can copy & paste the release-names to a search engine and the first result is usually yabetarip.

in a way all these sites help you to find coprighted material, but they still exist, so i don't think redump is in trouble yet.


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i agree with NvrBst. this shouldn't be too difficult and would be really a nice addtion. smile
the site coders should contact the no-intro folks for some advices or at least reply here if they're already working on it or if we don't have to expect such a feature in the future.
the continuous requests about this feature would stop then.

good idea
i think this would be a nice addition and it's worth the preservation.

did you try DiscJuggler for dreamcast backups?
http://www.dcisozone.com/tutorial/21/bu … time!.html

why do you ask this question @ redump forum and not at a dreamcast community?

i agree with DJoneK.

some thoughts by me:
it should be a rule that you have to use a proper and genuine memory stick from sony or sandisk.
ebay is flooded with many fake memsticks from china that will most likely cause bad dumps.
also i wouldn't use/allow those photofast adapters for dumping.
the psp guide here on redump needs an update immediately, it would attract more people to dump their psp games! big_smile

@pepsidrinker: i don't really understand what you want to say, are you joking about me?  lol

why do these verifications always happen shortly after the money is spent and the game is dumped?   hmm
thanks to both, Specialt1212 & MrFaust, for dumping & verifying this rare disc.

this is exactly the method i always use. thanks tossEAC

Havikoro wrote:

This is why the mods of this site need to update all the dumping guides to help avoid issues like this. We know what hardware/software produces good dumps and what doesn't. I still can't believe in the PSP dumping guide it still says to use UMD DAX Dumper Beta 0.2 seriously WTF. I've asked many times for this to be changed and no one listens. So every new PSP dumper that comes to this site thinks umddax produces good dumps which it doesn't we know it underdumps. So they dump with that and submit their data. Due to the lack of updates to the PSP guide there could be many bad dumps in the PSP section.

My point is there are all sorts of methods and tools one can use to dump a game but there needs to be a standard at redump.org that guides people on the methods WE use to properly dump games.


those outdated and incomplete guides hinder many people to contribute to redump (including myself at the beginning). when new members sign up i always see the same questions are asked because it isn't properly explained.
many people are confused and afraid of asking and rather don't bother with complicated methods.
with updated guides it would save both, the staff and the dumpers, much time and trouble.
i'd agree to rewrite some guides.
many guides are already perfect, but psp and dreamcast for example, could be better.

with this post i really don't want to say the work from all the individuals who wrote guides & found dumping-methods is shit. don't get me wrong. i'm thankful to everyone who made redump what it is today. i'm just trying to help improving this wonderful site.

this sounds really amazing to me tossEAC, but i think this will be quite difficult to write, you'll need a talented programmer with skills.  since Dremora has no time, what about a suggestions-thread where everyone could post his ideas about new & cool features for this site?


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how do i use this tool? i always get "Can't find base directory!"- message. don't know what i did wrong, i set the paths for all the neccesary exe's.


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thank you very much. that's exactly what i've been looking for. is it possible to release a binary-zip, so i just need to extract the archive and can use your app? i don't like installations very much.

yes amarok, i also noticed the Pokémon games and some german games from you which have those language-specific special characters in the title. however many french & spanish games have their correct titles in the alternative title-field, e.g. : http://redump.org/disc/5764/

but it's not me who makes the decisions.

it would be great if we'd have 2 different DATs: one for the english-translated names and one for their native names, so you get the full japanese or russian name as filename. if your OS/HDD filesystem doesn't support those foreign characters you still have the DAT to rename them to the proper english names. of course this will be an insane task to maintain such a DAT and you'd run into problems with the CUE-sheets...

hope you get my point, i can't express it well in english.

edit: sorry i made this thread in the wrong section, please move it.

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (Disc 2)

names with special characters are only allowed as alternative title, or is this entry an exception?

thanks for your replies mates. now things are a bit clearer for me wink

tossEAC, you gave me the idea to buy scratched discs on ebay & co, dump them, fix them with brasso & plexus and sell them again for more money. i have many of them here. i couldn't find brasso in stores yet sad

thanks for you reply themabus

come on, i want to hear your opinion. or is my english so bad that i need to go to school again and take some lessons  lol


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big thanks to all involved in this project - who ever you are and what ever you do

amazing work people!

i vote also for excluding the disney tag. the naming at redump is very inconsistent.

other examples:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

there's also "disney" on the box but it doesn't appear in the db entries.

what about other prefixes like "Tom Clancy's" "Clive Barker's" "Peter Jackson's" ...?

Kirkland is absolutely right, no one needs it and it only makes the filenames longer.

the difference between "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell / Rainbow Six" & "Splinter Cell / Rainbow Six" isn't big and you always have to look at letter T in DB for these games what is annoying.