Old daemon tools does support scrambled data tracks and so does alcohol. Maybe not from clonecd image, but I have mounted scrambled images and were able to read them fine.


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It doesn't even work in a vmware XP install with direct HW access under Windows 7...

definitely some bug.


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Tried the pregap reading with 760A , doesn't work. Here is log and error text.

command used

DiscImageCreator.exe -ra d: 4 pregap -150 0

I used unicode version.

        Length: 8
    PortNumber: 0
        PathId: 0
      TargetId: 1
           Lun: 0
                  Version: 00000020
                TotalSize: 00000020
    MaximumTransferLength: 00020000 (bytes)
     MaximumPhysicalPages: 00000021
            AlignmentMask: 00000001
           AdapterUsesPio: False
         AdapterScansDown: False
          CommandQueueing: True
      AcceleratedTransfer: False
          BusMajorVersion: 0001
          BusMinorVersion: 0000
Device Info
              DeviceType: CD/DVD device
     DeviceTypeQualifier: Active
      DeviceTypeModifier: 0
          RemovableMedia: Yes
                Versions: 0
      ResponseDataFormat: 2
               HiSupport: Yes
                 NormACA: Yes
           TerminateTask: No
                    AERC: No
        AdditionalLength: 5b
           MediumChanger: No
               MultiPort: No
       EnclosureServices: No
               SoftReset: No
            CommandQueue: No
          LinkedCommands: No
      RelativeAddressing: No
                VendorId: PLEXTOR 
               ProductId: DVDR   PX-760A  
    ProductRevisionLevel: 1.07
          VendorSpecific: 08/18/07  15:10     
Drive speed
        RequestType: CdromSetStreaming
          ReadSpeed: 48KB/sec
         WriteSpeed: 65KB/sec
    RotationControl: CdromCAVRotation
    CurrentMedia: CD-ROM
        DVD+R DL, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R LayerJump, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW Sequential, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-R, CD-ROM, 
        PhysicalInterface: ATAPI
          DeviceBusyEvent: No
                 INQUIRY2: No
        Asynchronous: No
             OCEvent: No
                Lockable: Yes
        DefaultToPrevent: No
                   Eject: Yes
        LoadingMechanism: Tray type loading mechanism
                LogicalBlockSize: 2048
                        Blocking: 1
        ErrorRecoveryPagePresent: Yes
                  CDText: Yes
             C2ErrorData: Yes
        DigitalAudioPlay: No
             SeperateVolume: Yes
        SeperateChannelMute: Yes
              ScanSupported: Yes
        NumerOfVolumeLevels: 256
        M5: Yes
            Group3: Yes
        UnitLength: 3332
                StreamRecording: Yes
            WriteSpeedInGetPerf: Yes
               WriteSpeedInMP2A: Yes
                     SetCDSpeed: Yes
        ReadBufferCapacityBlock: Yes
        SerialNumber: 267125  
    Vendor Specific. FeatureCode[0xFF00]
        VendorSpecificData: 01010103
    Vendor Specific. FeatureCode[0xFF02]
    Vendor Specific. FeatureCode[0xFF10]
        VendorSpecificData: 000a0006108a06e402c20009000a2113160d0b06058302c2
    Vendor Specific. FeatureCode[0xFF11]
        VendorSpecificData: 002b000a361a2b48207615a40cfc001b000e6162569040ec2b48207615a40cfc001a00082b48207615a40cfc001500062b48207615a400140008207615a40ad205690011000e6162569040ec2b48207615a40ad2
     Data Track  1, LBA      0- 61480, Length  61481
    Audio Track  2, LBA  61481- 72126, Length  10646
    Audio Track  3, LBA  72127- 81755, Length   9629
    Audio Track  4, LBA  81756- 92385, Length  10630
    Audio Track  5, LBA  92386-102822, Length  10437
    Audio Track  6, LBA 102823-111836, Length   9014
    Audio Track  7, LBA 111837-122368, Length  10532
    Audio Track  8, LBA 122369-131828, Length   9460
    Audio Track  9, LBA 131829-142334, Length  10506
    Audio Track 10, LBA 142335-151738, Length   9404
    Audio Track 11, LBA 151739-161114, Length   9376
    Audio Track 12, LBA 161115-170157, Length   9043
    Audio Track 13, LBA 170158-179644, Length   9487
    Audio Track 14, LBA 179645-190218, Length  10574
    Audio Track 15, LBA 190219-200794, Length  10576
    Audio Track 16, LBA 200795-210076, Length   9282
    Audio Track 17, LBA 210077-219691, Length   9615
    Audio Track 18, LBA 219692-228776, Length   9085
    Audio Track 19, LBA 228777-233377, Length   4601
    Audio Track 20, LBA 233378-236469, Length   3092
                                       Total  236470
SCSI bus status codes:02-CHECK_CONDITION [F:ReadTOCFull][L:1694]


tried also on my PX-W5224A , same error.


Tried to dump discs too, doesn't work at all, same error as above with the TOC.

Windows 7 64 bit enterprise, unicode version of tool.


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Well that's pretty awesome. How about lead out?


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That's interesting. Can it dump the subcode too of those sectors? That would be really cool if it can.


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Thank you Enker.


I get this too for PX-W1210TA and PX-W1610TA, but only for SOME discs, not all.

I think it is a firmware issue.

Does anyone have PX-W4012 and PX-W4220 to test?


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Seems you are making some headway with this, I'll start testing it too then.

I have a PX-W1210A and a PX-W1610A also, I can test some things with it. I do know that px_d8 fails with certain discs. Firmwares are latest ones. I am not sure if it's a bug with px_d8 or if it's a problem with the firmware.

Alcohol supports ISRC, this stuff is encoded in sub channels in mode 0 sub channel entries (normal ones are mode 1). So basically any image with valid sub channels can have ISRC codes. So do, some don't, depends on the mastering.

Redump images are multi-file cue/bin's, they conform to bin/cue specs. As F1ReB4LL said, the audio tracks are raw PCM , which is how audio is stored on the actual disc. There is no .wav header on them, unless the disc was mastered badly, in which case they can have them, but only if they are actually on the disc that way.

You may want to make sure your emulator can also unscramble scrambled data sectors, sometimes due to bad mastering, there can be scrambled data sectors in audio pre-gaps.


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What we would really like, is a proper Audio dumping tool without the bugs of EAC or stupid interface/lack of multiread of Perfect Rip.

Reading into pregaps, dumping them as scrambled with offset correction, and reading into lead-out. Plextor or other drives which support same features (are there any?). Addtionally, Proper gap detection, ISRC, CD+G, and Multi-session.

Seriously, a "do all in one click" tool is not possible, although I like to see people try, and also coding dump tools. But there should be multiple tools do to specific jobs perfectly, rather than a "do it all" tool that does everything, but nothing well. There is already a plethora of such tools.

Also for ECM encoded images, they are meant to be decoded back into a .bin/.img/.mdf image before use.

DPM measurement is used for a lot of things, SecuROM, Starforce, Tages, both CD and DVD.

Multi-session you want some Dreamcast ones I think? I'm not sure entirely, I'm a PC guy.

iirc Alcohol mdf which are 2448 also store the subchannels scrambled in the image. Where as .sub files from CloneCD are unscrambled. However 2448 images can have the subs either way...

I also think MDS files can contain additional data from a disc, such as ATIP info.


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Yes very good news, and the server is quite speedy!

You might mention which CDRwin you are using since there is 2 different ones. One is the real one from GoldenHawk Technologies, and the other is from some weird company. They are 2 different programs entirely. The current version of the GoldenHawk one is 4.0g, and the other one is 9 or 10 or something...

You are correct with the cue sheet, but only the file info is required, you dont need the TITLE or PERFORMER entries.

If you submit stuff, the CATALOG Entry is nice to have, and any flags (but EAC doesn't put flags). For that you need to dump the subs separately.

The guide is actually outdated now...

also we use the older pb5 because it's less buggy.

I noticed there is a bug in ISOBUSTER when getting layer break, it subtracts 1. You can obtain the layer break info using Isobuster which gives the correct results if you add 1 to it. Reading the GEAR and some other info's on which sector should be the layer break, it is defined as the first sector of layer 1 (where layers are 0 and 1).

Just right click on the top most entry in the tree on the left (DVD), and select properties, on the 2nd tab the layer break info is given, add 1 to it to get the correct layer break info...




Did some research, fixed big_smile

Let's wait and see what Gruby says and if he will redump his copy and check.

Helps to look in the stickies...

http://forum.redump.org/topic/2620/drea … tructions/

tools here


Definitely like point #2.

for point #1... how about just a change log per system available?

as for notifications, just changes on your dumps would be nice.

You were indeed correct, I checked all mine and fixed them.

I fixed yours, and also the one MrX_Cuci posted, I edited the fixed ones out of your post, so only unfixed ones remain.

I'll fix yours in the morning,and check my Moto Racer.


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Ups, ment to post it in general discussion. Move it =]

And thanks.


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What about PC game languages, where a lot of them check the registry for the windows installed language? It's rather hard to check those without having 100 vm's installed with each language...

You can use CDMAGE to make multiple track images into a single image for burning.

However for discs with mastering inconsistencies you'll need the subs and a clonecd cue sheet to burn them properly.


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It's fine. SmartE is kind of like FADE (ARMA 2 has this), you won't notice the protection check fails until later on the game will start act weird.

Scan the data side of the disc at high-resolution and post a pic somewhere. We might be able to get some idea's from that.

If they are CD's use CloneCD, use the same profile as is posted for SafeDisc for PC.