I've only recently soft-modded my PS3, still have some reading to do on how to dump discs but I thought I'd ask a question relating to playing PS1 CDDA games using multiman.

I tried Buster Bros and the game runs but CDDA music is missing, sound effects are playing. This was a redump backup with multiple tracks.
I've tried converting it to a single bin using imgBurn but that yielded the same results.

Any tips, if this is an allowed discussion?

Heihachi_73 wrote:

@ tossEAC - if only you were in Australia, I have about 50 scratched, undumpable and unsellable discs, if not more (and then I should probably count my DVD collection).

Three of the shops I used to get discs repaired can no longer do it - one place closed down (game store), the other place got rid of their machine (JB Hi-Fi) and the third place broke theirs and have never bothered repairing it (Cash Converters). And I am not paying $3-$5 per disc to have them fixed at a video or music store when in some cases the games themselves aren't even worth that.

Game Traders Highpoint offer disc cleaning services but yeah about $3 or $5  a pop not economical

Might have to give iKleen a try

No worries thanks for that smile

I still have this Australian Gamecube demo disk that's badly scratched sad can you make a video please. I tried getting it buffed three times and didn't help. I know it's a long shot but would still like to try one last time using your method

This is pretty amazing, now the fun of using this on 200+ isos begins, any chance there will be a Linux version?

CDEmu is exactly what I was after, thanks again smile
EDIT: xz support is pretty sweet too!

Thanks very much guys, will try it out smile

Hey guys,
Not sure if we are allowed to create threads that are not related to proper redumping but I really wanted to ask this question here as people are really knowledgeable 

I have a Tomb Raider 2 PC game that I was hoping to play in Linux using Wine or PlayOnLinux but without using the physical disc

So I dumped the disc with cdrdao which gave me a bin and a toc file, i converted toc to cue
Is there a way to mount the resulting bin/cue in Linux?

Thank you

I don't think there would be any point in keeping records of bad dumps


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To shut down have you tried shutdown -h now


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I tried like 5 different drives and keep getting an error. Trying to dump a ps1 disc with data + multi-audio

I've used the -rall f: 8 filename

I have had problems with this as well, couldn't understand the guide completely. A few dumpers here explained the procedure better smile
Basically once you dump the audio track with EAC, you need to add the 2 second pregap manually

However I have had problems with certain games, and all I can think of is my drive not being compatible, or not detecting stuff properly hmm


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I've tried with an external LG drive, no luck. Doesn't detect the BD at all hmm


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Thank you guys smile I'll have a look at these programs

Hi there,
Are there any Linux apps that we could use as an alternative to Windows ones?

More specifically Isobuster, EAC.

VirtualBox will be out of the question because it uses it's own cd rom drivers i take it?

jamjam wrote:

As for using:

  • Run ddump.exe with no parameters to get a list of all your devices. Find your dreamcast dumping device, and note the #:#:#

  • Also get the drive letter of your device

  • Then follow the dreamcast guide until it says use CDRWin, and instead use DCDump with parameters
    DCDump.exe #:#:# drive_letter

For example my drive is 0:0:0 with drive letter d so the commandline would be
DCDump.exe 0:0:0 d

i have tried running it without any options and all i get is this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Pikmin\Desktop\DCDump (0.1a)>DCDump.exe
Usage: DCDump.exe #:#:#

Help: DCDump.exe -h

C:\Users\Pikmin\Desktop\DCDump (0.1a)>

(both on Win7 x86 & x64)

tried to dump a game with Lite-On SOHD-167T
haven't had much luck, read errors just like with cdrwin hmm
it's strange the game discs don't have any scratches on them

when i first started the program i received msvcp100.dll missing (Win7 x64)
after i downloaded the vcredist_x86.exe it started fine

couldn't get the device id using the program so i had to look it up in device manager (1:0:0)

will try again with discs that i dumped successfully in the past (Sega Rally & Resident Evil 2 Leon's Disc)

thank you!

i have the gamecube version and it cannot be dumped with the 'usual' dump tools.
must have a some sort of protection. i think some people have managed to extract the dol executable but not the complete iso

i hope we will finish the PAL GCN set soon. always on the lookout for more games
people here are doing an amazing job

i do use it myself as the hard drive i use for my wii backups is quite small but it hasn't come across my mind to backup the scrubbed images, only 1:1s. i can always scrub them when i need to and there's no real need to keep the other (scrubbed) ones
when it comes to running backups from cd/dvd based media, 1:1 is really the only way to go even if the modchip allows multi-game discs.
no hard feelings smile


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Hi, i recently acquired the above mentioned disc

Tried to dump the disc using Super Dump 1.3 and it starts the process but soon fails

Tried it the old way with PSO and BBA, again after a while it stops

When i open the 'half-finished' iso it actually comes up with a freeloader banner in gc-tool

the two files i ended up with are around 30mb big each

the disc doesn't look like it's badly scratched and it loads fine on my gamecube

any suggestions?

have you read the guide properly?

3. If you have cIOS v1.4 or v1.5 uninstall it with the unistaller and then install v1.3b to have a clean system. Don't use IOS249 v1.4 or v1.5 because it has a bug which cannot read last sector of first layer of Wii dvds (not confirmed: please beware some modchips cannot retrieve right dumps of Wii dvds even with v1.3b or lower)

it appears that you have the above mentioned problem... is your Wii modded?
i use superdump and haven't had any problems with it... so glad i could finally pack away my gc broadband adapter and phantasy star online as super dump is way faster

if i was you i'd try uninstalling cIOS 1.4 or 1.5 and then installing 1.3b, according to the guide that should fix the problem...
note: just to be on the safe side, i suggest you install bootmii as boot2 and dump your NAND before you do anything


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i have a couple as well, will try to help

Batou wrote:

Hey BitLooter,
But I'll keep an eye on them, flea markets can be full of surprises...

It's an amazing feeling when one finds a rare game at a bargain price big_smile