There's something I'd like to find out about single data track unprotected PC CDs. Should the .bin extracted using the method (IsoBuster) be exactly the same to .bin generated by, say, CDRWin, or .img by CloneCD? By exactly the same I mean matching checksums.

Haldrie wrote:

No we have dumps of them they just aren't much good without the MDS file or without a crack to bypass the protection. SecuROM protected discs can be dumped just like any other disc if you don't care about emulating the protection.

Yes, those are certainly not "much good".

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Those are measurements of the access times for different areas of the disc and don't contain any copyrighted material, so they can't be illegal. You can't be sued for measuring the speed of your car or the brightness of your TV screen.


OK, so that pretty much means we are never going to see dumps of, say, securom 7.x discs, right?

Are there any plans to create some standard to allow people to dump protected discs (such as securom)?

Thanks, very useful!

I was wondering - is it possible to dump a disc image mounted in a virtual drive and get identical hashes to the dump of the physical disc?