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it's likely to be HDD fault then

Very likely, got my first bad sector the day before.

could it be IDE and on the same cable as CD unit?



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I used friidump 0.4 but I will try 0.5.3 now.

I don't know how to dump in raw instead and then feed this to decoder.

And HDD bit flip is also abracadabra to me.


Dumped this game 3 times with 0.4 and one time with 0.5.3:
dumps 1, 3 and 4 match and dump 2 is 1 byte different.

Can i report this dump based on dumps 1, 3 and 4?


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Recently I bought a LG 8164 in order to dump some NGC PAL games.
I am using friidump because rawdump does not recognise the drive.
I first dumped a game already in the db and it matched.
Then i dumped another 3 "new" games twice and 1st and 2nd dump matched.
But when i dumped another "new" game twice 1st and 2nd did NOT match.
Compared the 2 dumps > 1 byte is different.
So my question: What to do?