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For months now the wiki is filled with shit spam pages and bots yet no one is deleting or banning. Although there are no links to find the actual pages, you can only see them from feeds. But it's a waste of space and i assume resources. Maybe a clean up should be done.

happy hollidays to you too  smile

use EAC for audio


lol this topic starts to remind me that dude Eidolon.
http://forum.redump.org/topic/2387/rela … -tosecorg/

Anyway Nologic, the methods described here can be pain in the ass sometimes but they exist for a reason. You either accept them or not. If something changes (which sometimes does) it will be a progress, doing 2048 is going backwards. And there are cases of cds like PCE, pc protections etc that require raw data and/or subs too. For consinstecy we treat all cds the same.


plz search  smile


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the latest filer is 6.6. anyone used it? is it recomended? and how can i check if the iso is good? besides dumping twice.


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download the cues smile

now that i gave it some thought i think i know the problem. it is possible that it tries to rename dump A first that happens to match the other name and it doesnt dumb B first. and windows cant allow same name. it happened to me while trying to rename the MK3s and MKTs.

let it delete it doesnt matter, then you can rescan the backup folder and get it OR scan each one seperately in different folders. dont put them together. and dowload the cues.


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All 3 Microsoft Flight Simulator X discs need new crc thats all. a placeholder?

the startrek discs have different names. so what problem cmp gives you?


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No need to chalenge fate, movies do not belong to an online db  wink besides when it comes to dvds do you have the slightest idea the millions of movies and varations out there? try making an offline personal db in excel or something.


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Its rather pointless isn't it? we don't merge stuff. so what are you going to do with it?


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OK thanks for the help and btw you need to fix that error about properly adding minutes in cues.


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ok so eac gave me right pregaps, cool. how i exctract track4 pregap? if its hard talk to me in irc. and the disc UK  roll


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I dumped again with the LG, the first subs are from the plextor. It gave some errors in track3, the cd is slighly scratched. I dont know how important might that be. And the cd is uk.

I 2:41:43 PM Starting copy from HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22LP20 to C:\Documents and Settings\Athlon\My Documents\CloneCD\TR31LG.ccd
I 2:41:43 PM Read Speed for Data Tracks: Maximum
I 2:41:43 PM Read Speed for Audio Tracks: 4x
I 2:41:43 PM Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Yes
I 2:41:43 PM Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
I 2:41:43 PM Fast Error Skip: Yes
I 2:41:43 PM Don't report read errors: No
I 2:41:43 PM Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: Yes
I 2:41:43 PM CD contains CD-Text: No
I 2:41:43 PM Reading Track 1... (Blocks 0-273826)
I 2:43:45 PM INDEX 0 Track 2 LBA 273676!
I 2:43:49 PM Reading Track 2... (Blocks 273826-340050)
I 2:43:54 PM INDEX 0 Track 3 LBA 275326!
W 2:44:22 PM Failed to read Sector 279457
W 2:44:47 PM Failed to read Sector 283122
W 2:45:20 PM Failed to read Sector 285178
W 2:45:53 PM Failed to read Sector 288390
W 2:46:29 PM Failed to read Sector 297165
W 2:47:06 PM Failed to read Sector 309291
W 2:47:45 PM Failed to read Sector 330811
W 2:48:18 PM Failed to read Sector 336231
I 2:48:39 PM Reading Track 3... (Blocks 340050-341850)
I 2:48:47 PM Reading Track 4... (Blocks 341850-342905)
I 2:48:49 PM Duration of operation: 00:07:06
I 2:48:49 PM Average Speed: 1888 kBytes/s (10.73)
I 2:48:49 PM Reading finished!


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Tomb Raider 3 disc 1 subs, 0 offset pxd8.


eac gives me the folowing gaps.

track02: 2.00
track03: 14:22.74
track04: 2.00

And a detailed guide whould be nice smile


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It should be as protection if you ask me. some allready in the db have steam removed from the comments  hmm

there is no barcodes on the discs and i no longer have anything box or docs related to them.

I have a feeling many of them are not europe because I had them from my first PC and I think they might be USA imports. Most of them have similar ringcodes and adresses and phone numbers. So I scanned all of them and upload them in the link bellow so that I dont overload the forum. I also noticed Haldrie verified Journeyman Project Turbo so maybe you can upload a photo of the cd if it looks the same.



Redump links:


Tell me what you think.


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This is so awesome thanks. One question though, does it need pakkiso installed or it works without it? because i was thinking uninstalling pakksio so that i dont have the menus when I right click a folder smile


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you don't need ddump for securom, just isobuster can do it. but please make an mds also because I collect.  smile


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amazing thanks a lot  big_smile


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dude you will save me if you can tell me what to use to split the pc dat into cd and dvd. splitting the iso and bin entries into two dats

Yeah it happened to me when I was dumping red alert soundtrack. Luckily I know my plex can overread and the LG can't (very well). So I redumped last track alone many times on the plex. you have to figure out which of your drives are best for this. do some more eac testing.

Go to options -> image files -> iso/bin/tao lower tab -> untick default iso to bin extension. Tat way you know if an image is 2352 or 2048 in a glance and it saves you the trouble of renaming. Its nitpicking maybe but it helps.

I see mds are needed and mdf are isos anyway. anyone can mount them whats the problem? At least consider the file date thing, because...

Rocknroms wrote:

Anyone has already tested http://sourceforge.net/projects/t7z/files/?

... its slow as hell (compressing, decompressing and renaming), uses solid archiving by default and for images is worthless, it was designed for merged rom archiving which makes sense. and it completely removes the file date, call that a nitpicking but I hate that.

They are not hard to do, just for considiration.

Renaming all ISOs in the dats as MDFs. They can be mounted and burned the same as ISOs and it is convinient for those who use MDS.

Use a fixed date on all "roms" in the dat, for consistency with differerent archive formats.