These Mould SID Codes do not match up. I'm not sure if the correct digit is supposed to be a 0 or a O.

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0 and O in mould codes can sometimes be very difficult to determine, especially depending on the font chosen.  Sometimes there isn't even a clear answer.  I did notice that several of these have other SID codes that are V9P#, so I'm inclined to think they could be O instead of 0, but I can't say with 100% certainty.

If you have any clear pictures of the mould codes in question, feel free to share and I'd be happy to provide an opinion.

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Attached is my IFPI V904 mould from my copy of Metroid: Other M

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Attached is an image of my Bakugan: Battle Brawlers for Wii with a Mould SID of V9O0

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I reviewed several dozen wii entries for mould sid codes, and I believe the pattern is ALWAYS followed of V9[letter][number], with exception to the zeroes that are interpreted that way.

For Wii US, I'm inclined to think all V90 should actually become --> V9O.

The O/0 in bikerspade's image doesn't look rounded, but it's kind of hard to tell for sure. I agree that the format for most discs is V9[letter][number], but I think more image comparisons are needed before any mass changes are done.

I do agree that we should ALWAYS be very cautious and sure before doing ANY sorts of mass changes.

I don't know much about mould codes, but is it possible that they are typed in, in the factory, by someone copying off a piece of paper, and therefore could have O/0 transcription errors at source?

Moving this to another section as it has gone beyond the realm of fixes

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Wii ☆ Wii U ☆ PSP ☆ SOHD-167T ☆ 209DBK ☆ X360 HDDVD