I've been going through a big collection of my old edutainment games, and I have V 1.01 of this one (to be submitted via new dump form).  It's titled "Capers on Cloud Nine", not "Adventures on Cloud Nine".  I can't find any other references to the title "adventures on cloud nine" apart from that one entry here on redump, while capers has a wiki page and lots of other results.

This ebay listing gives a serial number of 380811 for it, which matches the number on both my disc and the dumped disc.

I'm guessing this was just a case of absentmindedness, since I find it unlikely that this game went by multiple titles.  I obviously can't prove that it doesn't exist, though, and the dumped one is V1.0 while I've only been able to find images of V1.01.

ajshell isn't online right now to ask, but this might be the 1.0 version he dumped. It seems to be a slightly earlier release with a child on the cover instead of a lion. I'll ask later when I see him, if I remember. turns out that I screwed up the title.  Sorry guys. My fault. … 224543.jpg

On top of that, I just noticed the version on my label.

I know for a fact that I installed this on PCem to check some stuff at one point. And it DEFINITELY said it was 1.0 at one point after installing and running the game.

I'm going to confirm everything tomorrow night.

Your label is different from my label (e.g. the text "Capers on Cloud Nine" is on two lines, while on mine it's 1, and a bunch of other things got rearranged).

INSTALL/Setup.inf also includes some version info for me; sometimes the version numbers in it aren't completely consistent though.

S_SKU = 380811
S_VERSION = 1.01

I'll be doing more version and language checking at some point (along with scans probably); for the most part I've just gone with the ones on the labels and if none are listed, checking the install folder.

Okay. So I'm not crazy after all: … -34-10.png

Now I'm not sure what to put for the version. I'll fix the title though.