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Filename: GFZE01
Internal Name: F-ZERO GX (US Version)
MD5: 81293462cf48c6a482c33e25c4097ac0
SHA-1: cc3beb4ae027eae208d4ffb00eaa13674f56d25e
CRC32: 3186FCBE
Version: 1.00
Verified: Yes
Seconds: 1777

Game Information:

Game Title: F-Zero GX
Languages: English
Language Select: No Options
Disc Serial: DL-DOL-GFZE-USA
Edition: Player's Choice
Case Barcode: 0 45496 96092 6  00101
Case Serial: DOL P GFZE
Size: 1.459.978.240

Ring Information:

Mastering Code (back): C03K0102
Mastering SID Code (back): IFPI LL08
Mould SID Code (back): IFPI V9G7
Additional Mould Text (back): MADE IN USA  PDSC.CA
Toolstamp (back): None
Mould SID Code (front): IFPI V9G6
Additional Mould Text (front): None

Please recheck the Mastering Code. It is missing the last part.