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Official Xbox Magazine Game Disc 01

shouldn't these have a colon added like this:

Official Xbox Magazine: Game Disc 01

The German ones are done this way (example: "Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Cover-DVD 01/2004")

here are pics for examples: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Official-Xbo … SwI41cvjLl

As you can see the back has "Game Disc 01" as more of a subtitle to the series "Official Xbox Magazine".

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Also worth noting the colon inconsistency of the X360 demos: http://redump.org/discs/system/xbox360/letter/x/

"Xbox 360: Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Demo Disk 01/2007" (colon used properly imo)
"Xbox 360: Le Magazine Officiel: Les Démos Jouables: Décembre 2006: Janvier 2007" (colon used properly imo)
"Xbox 360: The Official Australian Xbox Magazine Issue 10: Christmas 2006" (should have colon before "Issue")
"Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine Issue 09: July 2006"  (should have colon before "Issue")


Separately I recommend removing months from the title. These are often verifies across different regions, often released in different months (UK gets it first then Australia a month or two later for example http://redump.org/disc/57492/ ). In addition, some demos don't say the month on them anywhere, leading to title inconsistencies.

Dates are better off noted in Comments along with the region the date goes with.


Alternatively to Point #1, we may want to consider removing "Issue" from the title altogether, for example:

"Xbox 360: The Official Australian Xbox Magazine Issue 44"

"Xbox 360: The Official Australian Xbox Magazine 44"

This suggestion is because the spine often calls it one thing "Game Disc 44" while the disc label calls it something else "Issue 44, 2009". Or for Issue 13 its "Marcch Issue 13".

If we're editorializing the title, it may as well be done to a simpler method.


Apologies for opening this can of worms, but i've been doing a lot of work tracking X//360 regional variants, so better to cross this bridge now.

There should NOT be a colon. Check the spine: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/EWUAAOSw … -l1600.jpg

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https://www.ebay.de/itm/X-Box-Classic-S … SwKL5cM2nF

Also not seeing any colons in this one.

If you use new lines as a reason to add colons
Xbox 360: Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Demo Disk 02/2007

should be:
Xbox 360: Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Demo Disk: 02/2007

Going back to the UK example: Official Xbox Magazine Game Disc 01
The difference in color of "Game Disc 01" could read like a subtitle. That it's reiterated by itself on the disc label "Game Disc 01" again signifies a separate title element. And the cover just bearing "Official UK Xbox Magazine" as a standalone.

If you're going to interpret the spine that way, "UK" should be part of the title too at the very least.

The real question at this point is standardization, since these varying elements make it interpretive. However you're going to interpret it, interpret all the regional variants with the same method.