So what is the correct format for some of the version numbers for some of the Korean GC games?

Cleanrip logs: 1.048
Redump DB: 1.48
Mastering code: 1.30

Cleanrip logs: 1.049
Redump DB: 1.49
Mastering code: 1.31

Where the heck does cleanrip get "1.048"?
Why do all of the redump entries exclude the "0"?

IMO, what is printed on the mastering code and found in the disc header by looking in hex editor is correct: (1.30 / 1.31)

Nintendo uses hexadecimal for the version number. Cleanrip converts it to decimal, but adds a 0 for some reason.

I guess that makes sense... but are there any examples to indicate that it should be hexadecimal instead of just the value as shown? Or are we just assuming thats what it should be?

There are some with hex numbers (like "A") for other Nintendo systems (NDS for example), but I don't know of any example for GC/Wii.

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Isn't Revision 48 (0x30) the "base" revision for "E" region code Korean games? So 49 (0x31) would be essentially be Revision 1/"v1.01"?

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That seems to be the case. The only 1.49 (0x31) dump in the database is Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc, and 1.01 seems to be the base version for that disc in other regions (Europe/Japan).