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This disc is very likely a hacked dump (not sure why someone would do that...)

1) The comments reference PZHP as an internal serial, which is true but that doesn't align with the other regional variants of this game which is highly suspicious
2) The differences between the alt version and regular version are 3 bytes, which are just the disc id in the header
3) The junk data present on the disc is indeed generated using GNDP as an input and not PZHP
4) Disc serial does not match the internal serial
5) There are no other GC games that have Alt versions. GC game versions are clearly identified in the mastering code.
6) No ring codes submitted with this dump

Unless there is proof or someone has more info about this disc it should be marked yellow or removed entirely.


Seems to be legit

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Thanks for digging that up. Still very weird that this is literally the only disc like this... Would be nice to know how this was dumped and what the mastering code on that disc was.

Also, the 2 middle characters of the game ID are basically what identifies the game

1st character - Generally identifies the type of disc, but there are exceptions (game, demo, promo)
2nd + 3rd characters - Identify the game
4th character - identifies the region

In this case "ZH" is for Zoids: Full Metal Crash... which was a Japanese game made by Tomy... So basically there is no reason for EA to use this ID, even as part of a promo or dev build or anything.

If the original dumper is still around I would love to see this dumped using cleanrip and extra disc info submitted.

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Worth revisiting, these inconsistencies are too big to give benefit of doubt. Also, it's weird that GC didn't change the revision number. Too many "coincidences", smells like bullshit.