I just checked some names against scene releases and I think some names here are wrong/uncompleted:

NBA http://redump.org/disc/17877/

Sarugetchu_P_KOR_PSP-pSyPSP E147C421
Piposarugetchu P http://redump.org/disc/20706/

Split_Second_Velocity_USA_REPACK_PSP-pSyPSP 607CE2C8
Split/Second http://redump.org/disc/30810/

Sudoku.Battle.Action.Zendoku.EUR.PSP-CHRONiC 8A4D93A1
Zendoku http://redump.org/disc/4682/

Tenchu.4.Shadow.Assasins.EUR.PSP-LoCAL E0316912
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins http://redump.org/disc/34698/

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I've taken a look at the games. The Korean one I have no idea; I don't speak, read or write Korean. As for the others:

The title on PSP cover is NBA as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/7/3/ … _front.jpg
So, no change necessary.

The US title has no 'Split/Second' subtitle as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/8/ … _front.jpg
And for reference a Europe cover: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/8/ … _front.jpg
So, no change necessary.

The cover indeed has 'Sudoku Battle Action' on there as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/1/ … _front.jpg

But I'm not sure if it's actually part of the title or just some description or 'genre' of the game. Most websites like Wikipedia, Gamefaqs, webshops etc. all just call it 'Zendoku'. So, change maybe necessary, but in my opinion it should stay Zendoku.

EDIT: the title on the spine is just 'Zendoku' so I think it's pretty clear now the title should not be changed.
https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/paAAAOSw … s-l640.jpg

In Japan the game is called Tenchu 4, but in Europe/USA the four is swapped for the subtitle 'Shadow Assassins' as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/psp/95515 … ins/images
So, no change necessary.

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Thank you

Probably this is also correct, but if someone speaks korean feel free to check this name:
Sarugetchu_P_KOR_PSP-pSyPSP E147C421
Piposarugetchu P http://redump.org/disc/20706/

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The Korean title for that game as listed on the official Korean PlayStation website is 삐뽀사루 겟츄P!, which only differs in spacing and punctuation from what's on Redump. The straightforward romanization is Ppipposaru Getchyu P!, but if you want to match other discs like http://redump.org/disc/4563/, it should be something like Ppipposaru! Get You! P!