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Title: Steam Heart's
Alternate title: スチーム・ハーツ
System: PC-Engine - Super CD-Rom²
Media: CD
Category: Games
Region: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Edition: Original
Serial: GLCD 6002
EDC: Yes
Ring code info: GLCD6002-1-0219-R1M V IFPI L233

Thanks for sharing, please post the logs (all files except scm/bin/img). Our CLI dumping app DICUI will also aggregate all the other necessary stuff into a template for easy submission (hashes / cue info).

Feel free to hop on the Discord if you need some support or have questions. https://discord.gg/Drjcnyp

Thank you user7,
Sorry it's my first submission, I'm not yet well used to the process.
I tried to upload the file with my first post but I got the following message :

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your message can be posted:
The selected file was too large to upload. The server didn't allow the upload.

Even by 7zipping it, the final size is around 4MB, perhaps it's too big? Or I don't have some uploading rights?

Anyway, I did all my dumps using the windows command line version of DIC cause I use a batch file which creates its folder based on date and automatically zip it after.
Can it be accepted this way too?

Best regards


Oh yes that's fine as well smile

What I do is keep my logs on Google Drive and post a download link here, but mega.nz or any of the other free ones work as well.

Surprised 4MB won't upload hmmm. Not sure what the limit is, I just use google drive for the most part so I have a collection of my logs.

Great first post, keep up the work :3

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Thank you user7,

Here is the link to the file on Wetransfer:
if there's any problem with this file server, I'll go on another one.


Mathew.D wrote:

Ring code info: GLCD6002-1-0219-R1M V IFPI L233

This ringcode type should have a 2-digit toolstamp between R1M and V (often looks like needle-scratched). Sometimes also has a Mould IFPI code on the inner transparent part of the disc.

Dear F1ReB4LL,

You're right, on the inner transparent part on the back, I could read: IFPI4001
I also noticed the two scratches you were talking about but honestly, even by using a magnifying lens, I couldn't read what is written there. Would you have some hint on how to read this?


No hint, just 2 digits, should be read from the label side usually. Try to take a photo of that section, maybe?

ping smile