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Title: Earnest Evans (JAPAN)
bar code: 4988624990524
serial: T-32014
ring: T-320114P-00007-R1K    12    V

Title: Ecco the Dolphin (EUR)
bar code: 4974365 644086
serial: 4408 or/and 670-4098-50
ring: MK-4408P-00135     1

Title: Road Avenger (EUR)
bar code: 4974365 646035
serial: 4603 and/or 670-3136-50
ring: MK-4603P-00053-R 1 M     13   V

Title: Robo Aleste (EUR)
bar code: 4974365 644161
serial: 4416 and/or 670-3235-50
ring: MK-4416P-00073-R1M     11     V

Title: Silpheed (EUR)
bar code: 4974365 644239
serial: 4423 and/or 670-4259-50
ring: MK-4423P-00150      1    moulded S M J

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EccotheDolphinVERIFIED.7z 1.53 mb, 5 downloads since 2016-06-06 

RoadAvengerVERIFIED.7z 982.98 kb, 3 downloads since 2016-06-06 

RoboAlesteVERIFIED.7z 1.34 mb, 3 downloads since 2016-06-06 

SilpheedVERIFIED.7z 1.37 mb, 4 downloads since 2016-06-06 

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Title: Puggsy EUR (new dump - problems with adding)

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PuggsyNEW.7z 1.35 mb, 5 downloads since 2016-06-06 

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Earnest Evans logs are incomplete, the datfile is empty, was the dumping process finished?

What is/was the Puggsy's ringcode?

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There was problem with adding header, sometime later somebody explained me how to add data but I simply forgot add new dump.

Added right now. Please check because this is my first new Sega-CD dump. Build date should be from header ?

As for Earnest Evans I use commands like this:

DIC\DIC.exe [parameters]

this always crash DIC during writing files that's why this file is emppty but I still have this cd and it can be redumped.

Dates for Mega CD are used in YYYY-MM form, 1993.SEP for Puggsy = 1993-09. The dates from the top (14121993 for Puggsy) aren't really trustable.

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So from what exact location I should get this date? Disc files ?

No, from the header - http://redump.org/disc/44863/ (2nd row).

Earnest Evans will be re-dumped shortly.