The Sega ID for this version is SEGA-PC175-EX, but on the disc it's is still SEGA-PC175.

The game is a Windows, MacOS and Linux hybrid.

The mastering codes are

R<tab>arvato 56568024/SEGA-PC175 D 21


R<tab>arvato 56568025/SEGA-PC175 DP 21

and I believe layer 0 is the DP one and layer 1 is the D one. DP is furthest from the spindle hole.

The mastering SID codes have a space between LP and 73 (LP 73). I don't know why, but it clearly does.

I fixed the 'DP' part. Was assuming it to be a typo, because most ringcodes have 'DO', but it looks like there are some exceptions:

AFAIK the ringcode with the lowest number should be the L0 one.

Also, plz explain why you think "SEGA-PC175-EX" is the Sega ID and not "SEGA-PC175" (it seems to be that SEGA-PC175-EX is the part number for the box)

Oh, I thought the EX part meant something, like "export" or something, because I thought the box ID was INL-S175-EX, which is also printed on the box. I'm probably wrong.

Here's a scan of the Mastering SID Codes

Also, are the Mould SID Codes sorted in any special way? IFPI 07G7 is label side and IFPI 07F4 is the data side.