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According to JMC (and the miss list) these have version numbers, or at least that's how their known / identified uniquely. Could this be added to Version number or at least comments? According to JMC cleanrip spits out 1.00 as their version, so that should be noted somewhere... but they're obviously revised.

1.06 http://redump.org/disc/54410/

1.20: http://redump.org/disc/54409/
Alternate title: SD Media Launcher
It was marketed under two different names with two different titles, but the hashes match, JMC dumped both.

Can confirm that those are 1.06 and 1.20 as commonly referred to by everyone.

Also, can you update comments "Bundled with Construction Kit" (this version of the release was always bundled, so that shouldn't go in edition).

I don't know where "1.20" comes from, so I can't add a comment for it. I would guess it's on the main menu.

The 1.00 version is not needed for these unlicensed discs, since they use the header from NHL Hitz 20-02.