Topic: [Pirate][PS2] God of War (Demo) (USA)

Submitted via new disc form, scans of the disc (data/cover) here:!VBVRFaiJ!Y6sPROALJbhJ … uikM5BQ1sM

Please check those pics1 As already mentioned in the comments there is no serial printed on disc, only the internal one. Also there is no "real" ringcode, only "GOD OF WAR-NTSC L1".

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Re: [Pirate][PS2] God of War (Demo) (USA)

I don't think this is a demo. I think this is a bootleg of the full game (but not conclusive). The date on the files is later than the proper USA retail release (based on the redump entry), so unlikely a press beta. I don't have an iso of the retail game so I can't compare on a more detailed level.

Re: [Pirate][PS2] God of War (Demo) (USA)

Clearly a pirate disc.