The cover refers to the game as "All Blacks Rugby Challenge". This is what the game is called only in the New Zealand release. (Australian being "Wallabies Rugby Challenge" and European being "Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge")

According to a news article for the patch which the current European dump includes, it states that the patch was released before the European release of the game, so there is little to no chance of a v1.00 European release being found.

The region (New Zealand) is something iR0b0t would have to add. The dump can be tagged as (Australia) for now, since it has ANZ in the serial.

Is the 01.00 version confirmed to be English only? The 02.00 dump includes other languages.

A New Zealand flag will eventually be required when unique NZ-only games are dumped e.g. Buzz! Brain of New Zealand (which has PS2, PS3 and PSP versions).

A dual Australian/New Zealand flag wouldn't be too easy to create in the Redump split style given the similarities of both flags, especially in the tiny sizes used on the site. It would basically come out as an Australian flag with a red Southern Cross (the extra star on the AU Southern Cross doesn't show up in the image due to being so small - - the NZ flag doesn't have this smaller star, or the large star under the Union Jack).