Hi, I would like to contribute here if possible. I was a former forum administrator for llamma.com (a respected site of xbox-scene) and am very knowledgeable about the Xbox 360. I stumbled upon these forums by chance. I'm trying to build a guide for a private tracker on how to create perfect rips, and I was having issues getting my hardware/software to rip properly (I have various 0800 drives and two Kreon drives). While the current guide is leading people in the right direction, there are a few more steps to take before the rip is complete. Open up a kreon ripped Xbox 1 game in XDVDMulleter's ISO details function (first option from the main screen) and you'll see what I mean. PFI and DMI are missing, and so is the video partition.

Anyway, would love to contribute. Thanks!

Glad to have you join us andoryuu3,

The redump admin should approve you in a few days, but you might want to take a look at the dumping guides meanwhile http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title=Dumping-Guides

Some of us have a discussion on Discord as well in case you have any questions https://discord.gg/qmY8Dxm


Sounds good! I'm particularly interested in the dumping guide itself, but I do have a handful of original pressed Xbox 1 discs (or perhaps I should say "OG Xbox" as I know some googlers will search for that).

I've spent about a week trying to create these rips from bits and pieces of info around the internet, and these Xbox 1 rips are a pain to get started... That is, until someone finds redump.org's dumping tutorial.. I stumbled upon that through google.  And after I did, all the errors I was getting in Xbox Backup Creator started to make sense.

I've looked over the wiki for the time being and will continue to do so in the next few days. Thanks for the Discord link by the way. If any questions come up I will be sure to ask.

For now, it's worth mentioning there's a third way to rip Xbox 1 / 360 dumps: only if using X360USB PRO v2, you can use any stock 360 DVD drive as an 0800 drive without using 0800 firmware (one catch: DVD key must be known). It might even be the case that you can't use 0800 firmware with the X360USB PRO v2, as it's "on-the-fly" 0800 feature may be incompatible with it. I haven't done enough testing to know for certain yet. But whatever the case, the steps involved when using PRO v2 and a stock 360 DVD drive are about the same. Only thing you do different is input the OEM Key in XBC: Select your drive from the drop down, then click the OEM Key button and paste your DVD key in the popup that appears and submit it.

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