CleanRip log not kept and owner does not want to redump.
CRC-32: 890AD3BE
MD5: 707B419AFB27AB598D30F560DB01A010
SHA-1: 15926341F62A24AB3F3F897C0CF767795D2251FD

Game Title: Metroid Prime
Region: Korea
Languages: En
Language Select: N/A
Disc Serial: DL-DOL-GM8E-KOR
Disc Title: N/A
Edition: Original
Case Barcode: None
Case Serial: Front: GS-DOL-GM8E-KOR, Side: DOL-P-GM8E(KOR)
Size: 1.459.978.240

Ring Information:

Mastering Code (back): C03A0914 DOL-GM8E-0-30 USA S9
Mastering SID Code (back): IFPI LL08
Mould SID Code (back): IFPI V9L9
Additional Mould Text (back): MADE IN USA PDMC.CA
Toolstamp (back): M1S2
Mould SID Code (front): IFPI V9L9
Additional Mould Text (front): None

BCA: Not kept and owner does not want to redump.

Photos: … sp=sharing

Does the dumper not want their name credited or should we use "anonymous"?

Can you also recheck the Front Side mould code? It cannot be the same as the bottom code.


3 (edited by Hiccup 2018-05-18 20:27:44)

The dumper isn't interested in being credited.

And they don't really want to be bothered again, unfortunately. They've looked thoroughly, and I've nagged them quite a bit for the details. You might however be able to see the front mould code in the photos (by flipping one of the photos and zooming in). They themselves said it was the same as the back one and I think it is, but you might want to check yourself. smile

There isn't a clear shot of it in the photos, but it might be V9L6. I'll add it as V9L9 for now and it can be fixed via a verification.