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Topic: Kinetica Demo PS2

Game Title: Kinetica
Disc ID:SCUS-97161
EXE Date:SCUS_971.61;1
Game Languages: English
Disc Version:1.00
Edition: Demo
Barcode: NA
Ring Code: PTRM-002635 1 IPFI L327

ROM /W Sleeve and Disk art scans:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=13xBBI … nAhiNwcETX

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

Hi, thanks for submitting smile

For CD-Roms we like to dump with the free app ISO Buster if no Plextor is available. Did you use this app?

Here is the process for clarification:
Start IsoBuster;
Insert the disc (If you have multiple drives with cd's inserted, make sure you select the right one);
Right mouse button on Track 01 → Extract Track 01 → Extract RAW Data (2352 bytes/block) (*.bin, *.iso);
Choose a destination folder.

ISO Buster + this method ensures a perfect copy.

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

Okay sounds good I'll reupload using ISO Buster. Its just gonna be an end of the day thing because my disc is at home and i'm currently away. I'll get a new upload up asap.

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

Okay i updated the drive with the copy made with ISO Buster with the settings you said. You can used the same link because i simply deleted the old folder and uploaded a new one? Anything else i should do?

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

Awesome! Great work smile

We also like to get the full ring codes when possible. You've already provided the Mould SID ring code. Can you look near the center of the disc just when it turns blue/purple on the data side? There should be more numbers and letters visible. It will look something like this:
1    PDSS-010785A1   1    IFPI L332    A03

A high resolution scan of the data side should work just as well if you prefer.

Thanks again smile

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

Yeah will do i should be able to update that at the end of the day. I could try to scan the data side too but i wont be able to have access to a scanner until Monday. Even then that scanner isn't the best quality ,but ill give it a shot and see how it turns out to.

No Problem! I'm happy to do my part. I'm a big video game preservationist at heart. smile

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

No prob, it's pretty easy to see the ring codes with the naked eye if you shine a light on it. If the scanner isn't high quality, that would be a preferrable option.

Re: Kinetica Demo PS2

I upated the ring codes!