While the dumping guides are generally really good, I think I could maybe make them a little bit more noob-friendly.

Could I please have wiki-access so that I can work a bit on them? I'll of course not change anything in the guides directly, but work on a temporary page and then we can discuss the changes smile

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Which dumping guides are you referring to, the Disc Image Creator ones? They are pretty much minimal information and as stripped down as much as possible.

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I'm basically referring to all guides, but relevant to me right now is the GD-ROM guide which I think is overly verbose for beginners. It's not like I feel they're incomprehensible or anything, but as someone coming back to dumping after many years there are some things I think can be made more clear. Specifically with clear-cut examples, especially for most systems/discs we know need special treatment.

Awesome, I've tried following the GD-Rom guide along (just reading, not testing) and I had no idea what's going on so best of luck.

All my posts and submission data are released into Public Domain / CC0.

I don't think registered members should ask for the Wiki access in the guest section. Try to PM iR0b0t or make a thread in the Dumpers section.


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