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Needs renaming to its alt title of:   "Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess, The"   like the USA region dump. ?
PIC:   http://ukgraders.co.uk/1567-734-thickbo … rading.jpg

the following need removing from the undumped list here: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games

T-115045-50    BattleCorpse        http://redump.org/disc/1628/   
T-93045-50     Chuck Rock       http://redump.org/disc/42951/
4427-50        Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side        http://redump.org/disc/44260/
T-60185-50     Keio Flying Squadron    http://redump.org/disc/43978/
T-113015-50    Microcosm    http://redump.org/disc/44251/
T-113065-50    Novastorm    http://redump.org/disc/43977/
T-113035-50    Puggsy       http://redump.org/disc/44863/
4653           Sherlock Holmes: Vol. II     http://redump.org/disc/44172/  +  http://redump.org/disc/44173/
4656-50        Shining Force CD       http://redump.org/disc/44024/
T-81015-50     WWF Rage in the Cage   http://redump.org/disc/42950/
T-158025-50    Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess, The      http://redump.org/disc/43979/

I really think we should get rid of all those "Disney", and all other company names in the titles unless they are actually part of the game title (Ex: Disney Football).
That's what the No-Intro naming convention states.
So i think the european dump of this disc was fine and the US one should be renamed (but the "complete" tittle should be in the "Comments" or as an alternate tittle...

"Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?"

https://segaretro.org/images/5/5f/StarW … _title.png -- this one is tricky, the company name merges with the title.