Hi im Wojtek and im from Poland.
Find this site by accident searching for database of all PSX and PS2 games and i want offer my help with building it.
I have some games form polish distribution on PSX,PS2,PS3,PS4, and many demos form magazines about PSX and PS2 from Poland.
I'm trying right now to obtain Plextor drive and share any dumps.
My PSX and PS2 collection is growing every day and ill try to hunt some missing games and demos as i plan to complete every game and every demo for PAL region.

can i as for account?

Hi Wojtek,

Do you have any demos on the PSX PAL missing list? http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games

I have been collecting PAL demos for a while now smile we should chat when your account is approved.


just quick look and i have all MC demos and i see mc demo 4 mission and i think i have OPSM Best PS One Games Ever but i need to check serial but pretty sure this is it.
also have some german demos but i cant confirm right now is anyone is form missing list

Thank You.
I just confirmed that i have this demo SCED-02851.
i try to post it on weekend.

willing to share PS2,PS3,PS4,PSP and in the future PSX