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Topic: Verifications of my GC and Wii games + PHP-Script for verification


after submitting my dumps, I was "promoted" to Dumper and was able to download the current wii.dat. With this (and the gc.dat) I was able to verifiy all my GC and Wii games.

I used md5deep to calculate all md5-hashes and made a tiny script to compare these hashes with the hashes from wii.dat and gc.dat.

Attached is the script (rename it to check-game-hash.php) and the files with the hashes. Run the script as followed:
php check-game-hash.php wii-list.txt wii.dat
> n:\Spiele\Wii\wbfs\SUPER MARIO GALAXY MORE [SB4P01]\Anleitungs-DVD\DVD.cue not found!
> n:\Spiele\Wii\wbfs\SUPER MARIO GALAXY MORE [SB4P01]\Anleitungs-DVD\DVD.iso not found!
> 60 games with correct hash.
> 2 games with wrong hash.

php.exe check-game-hash.php gc-list.txt gc.dat
> 74 games with correct hash.
> 0 games with wrong hash.

I know, that CleanRip can also verify your rips, but since CleanRip had some very strange errors (*1), I decided to verify my games my myself.

I tried to rip a game. It failed to verify at least 3 times. I tried other games. Every game failed to verify. I restarted CleanRip and tried again. All previously unverified rips were verified now.

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