The Battle of Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai: 120% Full Power

120% = Full Power
Write "120%" and read "Full Power".

"120%" or "Full Power" or "120%(Full Power)"

Which one?

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It's really hard to tell if this is actually furigana or not. On the spine of the game, it appears to be.

That matches other cases where kana characters have been used as furigana. However, it also looks like they just ran out of room tongue We do this for Ar Tonelico II as well though. … _front.jpg

So I think fuzzball is right. Probably remove the "120%" from the English title, and the フルパワー from the Japanese title, if we want to stay consistent with how we handled the furigana for Ar Tonelico II.

"120% (Full Power)" looks fine. Also, those "〜" symbols are for the long vowels (like in Puyo Puyoon), subtitles are usually shown with "~".

And what's wrong with Ar Tonelico? Not counting it should be 'Tonelico', not 'tonelico' by No-Intro's rules.

Nothing's wrong with Ar Tonelico, I was using it as an example of how we handle furigana. 創造詩 is Souzou Uta, or "creation song" basically, but that string of kanji is written as "Metafalica", and no, those kanji don't also have those pronunciations tongue It's because under the kanji, メタファリカ is written. That's furigana. It tells you how something is supposed to be pronounced. It pretty much completely overrides any expected pronunciation of the word.

120% has furigana as well, フルパワー. That means "Full Power" is the pronunciation of "120%". So, if we include both, that would be like writing Ar Tonelico's title as

Ar tonelico II: Sekai ni Hibiku Shoujo-tachi no Souzou Uta (Metafalica)

which wouldn't be wrong I guess, but we didn't do that. So we should decide how we want to do this, basically.

Thanks for the help with the naming of that title, much appreciated.

I'd like to discuss this more. … _front.jpg -- isn't it it "FH (Field Hunter)" (acronym + meaning)? Or … -Front.jpg -- isn't it "GS (Ghost Sweeper)"? I don't think the acronym part should be simply omitted.