Topic: [ADDED] [SEGA CD] 1x Addition

Title: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video
Region: USA
Languages: English
Dumped with: DiscImageCreator_test Build_20170801
Serial: 4901
Barcode: 010086049015
Build date: 1992-12-11
Mastering SID Code: N/A
Mastering Code: CDRM-1045310    1
Mould SID Code: N/A
Toolstamp: N/A
Version: N/A
Edition: Original
Number of tracks: 1

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Re: [ADDED] [SEGA CD] 1x Addition

You have a PM...

Re: [ADDED] [SEGA CD] 1x Addition

I went ahead and re-ripped this one a couple of times since my last submission needed a bit of additional scrutiny to get right. The above info still holds.