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Topic: [ADDED][PS2] Dance Party Club Hits (PAL) [Verify]

Dance Party Club Hits (PAL)

Game ID: SLES-55462#
Barcode (cover slip): 7 340044 300043
Barcode (Australian sticker covering original barcode): 7 340044 300289
Rating: PEGI 3+ (Australian rating sticker: OFLC G)
SID Code: IFPI L558
Mastering Code: Sony DADC   A0101053932-0101   38
Toolstamp: A03
Mould SID Code: IFPI 942T
EXE date: 2008-12-02
Version: 1.03
Size: 715358448
CRC32: be19e946
MD5: 7231eae7c29f4e8c70067fc35027f482
SHA1: 345703d362f8463e4387be224a55a9400d535703

Silver CD-ROM.

Same checksums as http://redump.org/disc/22546/

Game has a European cover slip with Australian rating and barcode stickers covering the European ones.
Disc has a German USK "0" rating as well as an Australian "G" rating.

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Re: [ADDED][PS2] Dance Party Club Hits (PAL) [Verify]

Crap, before this vanishes, the Mould SID code for this game is IFPI 942T, not 6535, that was a copypasta from the previous game.

Sony DADC Australia (IFPI 65xx) never manufactured any PS2 CD-ROMs, only DVDs. They did however make PS1 CDs, my Australian-made Tekken 3 (Platinum) is stamped IFPI 6519.

Re: [ADDED][PS2] Dance Party Club Hits (PAL) [Verify]