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Topic: [ADDED][PSX] 2 demo descriptions

Both of these disc have variants with the same serial number (SCUS-94287 - although not in the database for Interactive 9 yet). So we should have a description for both in case anyone wants to compare contents.

Interactive CD Sampler Disc Vol. 9 http://redump.org/disc/7742/

Internal Serial: PBPX_950.10

Crash Bandicoot Warped (playable demo)
MediEvil (playable demo)
Spyro The Dragon (playable demo)
Gran Turismo (playable demo)
A Bug’s Life (playable demo)
Cool Boarders 3 (playable demo)
NFL GameDay ‘99 (playable demo)
Rally Cross 2 (playable demo)
Tomb Raider 3 (playable demo)
Wild 9 (playable demo)
Bust-A-Move 4 (playable demo)
Metal Gear Solid (playable demo)
Twisted Metal 3 (video)
Rugrats (video)
NHL Face Off ‘99 (playable demo)
Brave Fencer Musashi (playable demo)


PlayStation Underground Jampack http://redump.org/disc/15172/

Interial Serial: SCUS_942.67

Debriefing: MediEvil’s Minds (video)
Behind the Scenes: Tomb Raider II (video)
Download Station: Monster Rancher, Speed Racer (memory card data)
Code Archive (passwords for 44 different games)
Imports: Tail Concerto (NTSC-J demo, in Japanese language)
The Vault:
-Tomba! (demo)
-Test Drive 5 (demo)
-Spyro the Dragon (video)
-Metal Gear Solid (video)
-Blasto (demo)
-Gran Turismo (demo)
-Hot Shots Golf (demo)
-Jersey Devil (demo)
-Tekken 3 (demo)
-Duke Nukem (demo)