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PurePure Vol. 9 (Disc 2) (Official Catalog CD-ROM)


PlayStation Official Catalog CD-ROM

"Official Catalog CD-ROM" and "PlayStation Official Catalog CD-ROM"... A same discs with different serials, but with different Title... Both looking a same. Maybe "PurePure Vol. 9 (Disc 2) (Official Catalog CD-ROM)" -> "PurePure Vol. 9 (Disc 2) (PlayStation Official Catalog CD-ROM)". "PlayStation" printed on manual.

http://redump.org/disc/33690/ "PlayStation" printed on cover.

http://www.crimson-ceremony.net/lostrel … 1-jpn-pp09

このソフトは かいはつちゅうです

"PurePure" is incorrect, btw. It's either "PrePre" (meaning something like "PreviewPreview") or, maybe, "PlaPla", since プレ = Pla in the word PlayStation (プレイステーション). I've seen "PlayPlay" variant, though, but it would be プレイプレイ, I guess.

Maybe Sarami could explain the title better smile


See http://forum.redump.org/topic/7002/psx- … ese-demos/

Ah. But there's no "i"(イ), so it's Pla-Pre (but this way there's no play on words).

This is a short-word that Japanese often use.


ゲーセン is the game center. Is this geesen? geasen?

http://blog.livedoor.jp/takeshielsas/ar … 47896.html

For PrePre -- what should be used as edition? I guess, fuzzball insists on "Otameshi Disc", but I believe the covers don't say that. Shouldn't it be "Club Disc" (like in ack2121's recent submissions) or something similar? AFAIK, it was sent to the members of some Sony club.