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Both have the exact same title. hmm

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Known, … e-entries/
I need the proper list of all the releases with dates to fix everything properly, will try to google again.

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Didn't realize they had matching tracks as well.  lol

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I'm sorry that I comfuse you.

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"Psychic Detective Series" was released three times.
1st release is FMT. (Original)

2nd release is FMT, PC-98, MS-DOS, Macintosh. (Remake) and and and and

These CD-ROM is same, but These release is different. (Boot disc is FD and FD is different each.)

wikipedia wrote:


3rd release is Windows 95.

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It's the same cost-down logic, PC and Mac ver. share with these same Disc 2-5  (resource), only Disc 1 (launcher) different.