Currently: SLUS-20273GH
Correct: SLUS-21164GH

Seems like it was taken from the wrong Namco Museum. 20273 is the first one, not the 50th anniversary one. … rId,67961/

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Well, I was correct in that it was taken from the wrong Namco Museum. It's just Namco that made the mistake. That's very odd.

I just checked 132 listings for this game on eBay, and 132 of them were greatest hits. SLUS-21164 is a mythical catalog number. It does not exist. Unless, of course, the EXE file is 21164, but I'm guessing not. So apparently, this game only ever got a Greatest Hits release like that Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition thing. And GameFAQs has crap data about a black label release. The black label release is about as real as the US version of Aliens in the Attic, it just doesn't exist.

Maybe we should add something in the comments about the unused catalog number? At least that way Namco Museum 50th Anniversary would come up in searches for SLUS-21164, and people would also know that it's not a real catalog number.

Unless now I'm missing something about the black label release. And then next someone's going to show me a picture of Aliens in the Attic NTSC-U/C release smile

No. BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLUS_202.73;1

Like I said earlier this forum section is for fixes for stuff that you own and have dumped yourself. Or that you have very good proof of being bad. A text on Gamefags does not count as that. Neither does a catalog number.

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