In this game the version number would have to be v1.00 NOT v1.0, I made a typo when submitted the info on the submitting disc screen.

I noticed that this entry Diablo II (U) (v1.00) (Cinematics Disc) has the same checksum that the version submitted by pepsidrinker in this entry Diablo II (U) (v1.03) (Cinematics Disc.

Also, I think that the words (Disc 1) (Disc 2) and (Disc 3) must be removed from the title of this game, in the discs themselves there's NO numbers, the game refers to the discs as Install Disc, Play Disc & Cinematics Disc, the discs are labeled this way (NOT with numbers), so I think this should be something like this:

Diablo II (U) (v1.0x) (Install Disc)
Diablo II (U) (v1.0x) (Play Disc)
Diablo II (U) (v1.0x) (Cinematics Disc)

pnkiller78, my discs are numbered: CD 1, CD 2 and CD 3 tongue

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Oh, maybe cause yours are another version (1.03), mines are just Install, Play and Cinematics..
In fact, I think that somebody made a mistake while fixing the entries in the DB, I wrote Cinematics NOT Cinematic in singular. Hope somebody see this post and fix that..
Well, I think that for your disc versions should include the disc numbers, mines are version 1.00 and DON'T have discs numbers.

In fact, my Play disc look like this screenshoot on MobyGames, with the only difference that in the box were the version number and the "Made in USA" words appear, my disc says 1.00 instead of 1.03, also my disc serial is S7114010 and the one in the screenshoot it's S7114021. smile

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I have the Brazilian version, which I think was imported from the UK version, it even has the same serial as that picure.
And it's v1.00