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Stealth Files (DMI.bin, PFI.bin, SS.bin, AP25.bin) are dumped with 0800v3 and XBC-rev425
Game and Video Partitions are dumped with normal Kreon Drive.


About Video Partition:

For WAVE 14 Games it's necessary to dump the VIDEO Partition.
Every WAVE 14 Game got it own VIDEO Partition.
For all other WAVE's (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17) the Video Partition is WAVE Specific.
Means you can take a Video Partition from an Wave 1 Game and rebuild with this every Wave 1 Game.
This works for every Wave, but not for WAVE 14.

For Example the Video Partition from Space Marine, don't fit into another Game, because every Game has it own Video Partition.
It's only fit on the specific Space Marine Game!!!

If you look into abgx Download Archive, you can find Video Partitions for every WAVE, but not for WAVE 14, because of this reason meantion above

This is the reason, I made an Hash Checksum for the Video Partition too!!! I would recommend it, to insert it to redump database too, since it is needed!!!


About SSv2:

SSv1 had allways a autofix through ss_sector_range, that you get a corrected ss.bin with allways the same Hash checksum.
You can't dump, XGD3 with Kreon Drive, because you missing some specific range of important data. The Kreon is unable to dump the complete Data. You will need a 0800v3 Drive to do this job.

SSv2 had no autofix in ss_sector_range. For this, we have allways different Hash checksum and become everytime different crc Hashes for the ss.bin

I wouldn't recommed it, to insert it yet into redump database, since the checksum is allways different.


About AP25:

You can find this Sector on 6 XGD2 Games and on many XGD3 Games.
You can dump this sector only with 0800v3 Drives for XGD3 and with 0800v2 Drives for XGD2 Games.

The 0800 Drive makes a complete measurement of the Disc and this is the AP25 sector. The AP25 sector will be allways a different file with different Hash checksum.
It's important to make a exact measurement of this files, even the original XBOX360 Drive can only made an approximately measurement of this sector.

C4eva has made a generic Ap25 sector for all XGD3 Games and a generic AP25 sector for 3 of the 6 XGD2 Games.

This generic sector is recommend by abgx360, because there is no controll about the self made measurement and this can be very flaw'ty.

I would just recomment to meantion in redump database, that the Game Disc has an AP25 Sector.

For example: AP25 = yes


Here now the Data for redump Database:

Title = Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine
Disc number = 1 of 1
Region = World
Languages = English, German, Spain, French, Italian, Polish, Russian
Serial = TQ-2092
Outer Ring Code = 2122F82E-L1 03 IFPI LR79
Inner Ring Code = 2122F82E-L0 01 A01 IFPI LR76
Barcode = 4 005209 151054

WAVE14 (12544-16639) [XGD3]
Version = 1.04
Offset 0x40 in DMI.BIN: TQ209204W03F11
Edition = Retail
Layerbreak = 2133520

DMI: 3274376e
PFI: 26af4c58
RAW SSv2: allways different crc Hash, because SSv2 has no Autofix function
I get mostly this three crc checksums. SSv2 need an Autofix function like ssv1 = (03b31f2c, cc427b12, 59a54a97)
AP25 = Yes! Game has an AP25 Topology Data, you need to make an measurement with XBC rev425

Video Partition
Size = 48,9 MB (51.329.024 Bytes)
CRC32 = 6a9dcde2
MD5 = e50ebd79689ff3437d45be940df48595
SHA-1 = 98be1580c62e4bcc02cbaf7d5caa22ead35db49e

Game partition
Size = 8.09 GB (8.696.430.592 Bytes)
CRC32 = 3de589fa
MD5 = 936d3550f26bc6f57565ac336045c5e6
SHA-1 = 8d31c7dd878206d22e353af47016f03936eaae88


XGD3 is new and this dump is dumped partially with an 0800v3 Drive for XGD3 Games!!!
You need the 0800v3 Drive especially for SS.bin (SSv2) and AP25.

The rest is dumpable with Kreon too!!! So don't submit any SS.bin dumped with Kreon for XGD3 Games.
I wouldn't recommend to submit SSv2 too, because it will need aditional patching to get the correct checksum Hash.
I work allrdy since some days/weeks with iRobot with this and ss_sector_range 1.0v was used for this dump smile. (thx iRobot)

Please all , read carefully what's different between XGD3 and the old redump Dumps!

Some Note: The Layerbreak and Languages are still missing! I will check this and submit it as I will have time smile.

The 0800v3 Stealth Files (SS.bin. DMI.bin, PFI.bin, AP25.bin) are in the attachement.
SS.bin was dumped x5 times with the 0800v3 Drive.
AP25 measurement was done x2 times with the 0800v3 Drive.

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Hey Guys smile,

I have now checked the Language and filled it in.
The Layerbreak is added too.

The Game is ready to get submited. If I've forgot something, then please let me know smile

You could use the New Disc Menu to get it added faster...  wink

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ahh forgot about it completly usurper smile.

It's so long ago since I had submited a dump smile.

thanks for the info smile

Edit: It's submited smile

hey guys smile.

Is something worng with my dump??? Because it isn't submitted yet smile???

Yes, read the topic in the Dumpers forum. All Xbox/360 dumps are missing the L1 video partition. The database must be fixed in order to accept new dumps. Please wait smile .

Needs to be redumped with the new dumping tool you can find here.