I think the names used for Shockwave Assault and Shockwave Operation JumpGate need fixing. Shockwave Assault was a 2 disk game whose disks were setup similar to the Command and Conquer series- also by EA. The two disks can be played independently, but they are both the same game "Shockwave Assault"  Disc 1 covers Earth missions and Disc 2 covers the outer space missions just like the Soviet/Allied disks for C&C.
The name "Operation JumpGate" doesn't appear anywhere on the packaging or disks, it's only seen on disk2's title screen. Disk1's title screen says "Invasion Earth". My vote would be to call them simply "Shockwave Assault Disc 1" and "Shockwave Assault Disc 2" but if someone wants to be 'exotic' you could call them "Shockwave Assault Disc 1 (Invasion Earth)" and "Shockwave Assault Disc 2 (Operation JumpGate)" to match the C&C naming convention.

There's some decent pictures here if anyone wants to see