In usa and europe versions Adventures of Jimmy Nuetron has its name changed to have Nikelodeon in front of it, however there is a second nuetron game jet fusion that doesnt, when i load both games up in dolphin (usa versions) they both have nikelodeon in the title screen

so is it supposed to have nikelodeon in front or not? is there a reason one game has it and the next doesnt?
i have no idea what the boxes say so maybe its based on that but im unsure of the naming convention in that regard … _front.jpg … _front.jpg

The spine of at least one of them doesn't mention Nick.

We do not use the spine, we use title screen for naming. smile

i think redump should use the boxart as reference for proper naming since it has adopted the no-intro naming convention (but that's of course just my point of view).

Mine too ^^