I don't know if this belongs here, so sorry if it doesn't.  I have a copy of this dump and it doesn't mount on MagicISO.  It does mount on Daemon Tools, but if I go to "explore" the contents, windows won't let me.  Says something about the disc being corrupt.  It won't load on any emulator.  I currently have no way to try it on a real PSX, but thought I would let you guys know, since at least it SHOULD let me explore the contents of it on Windows Explorer.

If I mount it on Daemon Tools and open Isobuster as if I were going to re-dump it, it says the following:

Isobuster wrote:

During mounting of the disc only a session/track layout could be found.  No file-systems nor files and folders could be found.

Assuming you are looking for certain (missing) files, we suggest you run the option: "Find missing files and folders"

I also tried it on EAC and the audio tracks play fine.  So it points to the data track.