Hi, we'll need the volume serial number for each of these discs:


Just insert the cd, then go to command prompt and do 'dir' when you're in the cd folder. There you can see the number.

Volume serial Number is 03DD-50CF

Volume serial Number is FC5B-5C63

Sorry, but maybe it's better now to use the version instead of the volume serial number, because the other C&C's have the version added now. Could you check please?

If you have problems with the run of game under Windows XP or higher, download and replace in a folder with the game this DLL and set in the property sheet "Compatibility" (right click on "C&C95.EXE" --> "Properties") "Windows 95" option.
The version must be placed in the main title
If you will fail, just open the file "VERSION.TXT" in a folder with the installed game by Notebook and post its content