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Title: Wolfenstein: The New Order
System: Sony PlayStation 4
Media Type: BD-ROM-50
Category: Games
Region: Europe (German inlay with only a PEGI logo. Probably the Austria/Switzerland print)
Edition: Original

Disc serial: CUSA-00321

Barcode: 0 093155 149205

PEGI ID on disc: 035443

ID on inlay: IL-49205-GER
ID on manual: MM-49212-GER
ID on Doom Beta DLC code sheet: IN-DOOMPS-GER

Censorship info according to: https://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=81001 (Auto-translated)

• All references to the Third Reich were alienated (Nazis = regime).
• Nazi symbolism was removed or replaced.
• In Chapter 8, BJ wakes up in a combustion oven and is about to be burned on corpses together with a stack. In the original version, he has to push the corpses aside and climb out of the car before it drives through the flames. The scene is also included in the German version, but the corpses were removed and the oven does not emit a fire (which is why the player cannot be killed, it should remain idle).

Otherwise violence is uncensored.

LAYER 1(outer ring)
Mastering Code: A0102314148-A911<tab>1000
Mastering SID Code: IFPI LY27
Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped): 1A00

LAYER 2(inner ring)
Mastering Code: A0102314148-B911<tab>1000
Mastering SID Code: IFPI LY27
Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped): 1A00

Mould SID Code: IFPI 943K

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