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Just for consistency with other discs dumped for this site.


Ringcode is: 3538766V3
I made the .ISO using "Daemon Tools lite". Why it has to be "IsoBuster".


We need the ringcode details to add it; also, it needs to be dumped with one of the known tools (since you probably don't have a Plextor drive, you can try to use IsoBuster for this one).


Hello, this is my own. From the MINI-CD give-avay. I just checked back here and read your post.


Hi! Is it your own dump or just some some image taken from the Internet?


Same shown here by a french ownwer:


You can download it here: … E.iso/file
It is for PC, not can be run on "Game Cube"
This was a giveaway for free as advertise the then coming out Nintendo console "Game Cube"
Check out my new rare scans of game flyers too if you like: … itleSorter


Game Cube promo MiniDisc (MD) (2002.05.xx)
International Superstar Soccer 2
Luigi´s Mansion
NBA Courtside 2002
Star Wars-Rogue Squadron
Super Smash Bros-Melee
Star Fox-Adventures
Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater
Sonic Adventure
Wave Race - Blue Storm

6 pictures for each game.
1 ca. 30-52 sec. video for each game, but not for "Sizzler".
1 Game cube intro video.
12 Wallpaper showing Game Cube console.
Demo Disc supports 6 different languages.
Dutch, Englisch, French, German, Italian, Spanisch.
Short text description for each game.
2002.02.06 is the youngest date found on the disc.
Same shown here by a french ownwer:

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