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That's fine - I don't need an account, but I did want to offer this information up for a variant so at least someone can pursue dumping it for further verification. Thanks.


Honestly, there's little to do here if you're not going to dump anything.


Would request an account but if not, thats fine. Have some information to share on a release that hasn't seen much activity.

Midway Arcade Treasures for Gamecube was released in North America on December 17th 2003. Midway Arcade Treasures 2 was released under the same platform/region on Oct 12th 2004. The point here is that MAT was re-released under Midway Arcade Treasures 1 at some point to coincide with it being apart of a numbered series and with it a redesign of the artwork and disc relabeling. The UPC and Gamecube ID didn't change between the two (031719191512 & DOL P GAKE) but the main artwork did (original … -cover.jpg / … -cover.jpg ; re-release … _front.jpg / … back.jpg). The original disc was labeled DL-DOL-GAKE-USA on the front and IFPI LL06  DOL-GAKE-0-00 USA on the reverse holographic inner disc ring. I don't have access to the re-release but the disc label/front is different ( … -l1600.jpg) reading DL-DOL-GAKE-USA-01. I don't know if the mastering was changed or if there are any differences in the files or disc data but perhaps someone else has the ability to check.

I wanted to at least try and offer this in an effort to figure out when it was re-released since it is a variant and did not come out at the same time. I know this is about disc preservation first so maybe more information will surface as a result.

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