691 Closed: [DONE] Account Request

by C4040

692 Closed: [DONE] Dumping

by SpinalFeyd

693 Closed: [DONE] Account request

by Landcross

694 Closed: [DONE] Account request

by RedBees

695 Closed: [DONE] Account

by Larsenv

696 Closed: [DONE] Request for a Redump Account

by Piro_Maniak

698 Account request

by Rickbonano

700 Closed: [DONE] Want to join.

by Saint Gunjack

701 Closed: [DONE] Account request

by oezr

702 Closed: [DONE] Account request

by oezr

704 Please register

by FredlFesl

705 Closed: [DONE] Account request

by Zowayix

707 PS3 2 Missing Discs

by Nicba1010

708 Requesting account

by sk84uhlivin

709 Account request

by Igniz

710 new registration

by Bighitti

711 Requesting account

by Nameless

714 Closed: [DONE] To register me? :)

by MyoCid

715 Access to Wiki


716 [DONE] Wiki access

by FatArnold

717 Account registration

by jenway

718 Account creation

by Sorama2

719 Account request

by Twon33

720 Old Games (PSX, PS2 and PS3)

by renipinto